sale at easyjet

sale at easyjet

Found 24th May 2007
easyjet have a great sale on - it seems cheap flights are being released more and more throughout the day (last night there was hardly any for the route i wanted and now there are loads - also last night my flights were more expensive in the sale now it seems they have gone down today - get in while u can)
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good deal but not quite as good as Ryanair's recent promotion!!!!
Easyjet > Ryanair every time.

Easyjet > Ryanair every time.

not on price when ryanair = 8p for 4 return flights :thumbsup:
Suppose it depends on the type of flight etc.
On price I imagine Ryanair will always win, but then Ryanair have EU Law breaking deals with airports, prejudiced attitude towards people with luggage and the disabled, grostesque facilties, proper chav transport but cheap, snobish I know but used them once, never again

Easyjet have something Ryanair does not however, 7.50euros for every extra 20kg hold luggage you want on every flight, so 15euros for a return trip for each piece of extra hold luggage, or, 75euros for 5 extra bags, 6 total, or 120kg in weight. Not useful to most, but some like to take loads and that is cheap compared to £5/kg surcharge, but useful for my family as I have 2 close family working abroad right now.
Easyjet will also fly you to your destination rather than some airport 100km away from where you actually want to get!

Good deal, Ryanair one is also fantastic.
no so good as it first seems - not on flights, just on package holidays but doesn't clearly say that - BEWARE!!!
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