Sale @ Gamestop Ireland,Some nice offers, (Link in 1st comment)

Sale @ Gamestop Ireland,Some nice offers, (Link in 1st comment)

Found 3rd Feb 2011
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Mass Effect 2 is good, and is a good price. The rest just seem like the usual sports / kids stuff that's always plummeting in price.

Mass effect 2 is so good they have listed it twice!

Expired and cold.
None of the items are available at this price any longer.
Plus the P&P + Bank currency charges makes most of these a poor deal anyway (when compared to other sites), even at the original sale price.

(btw this offer was live about a week ago, so it isnt just the site having a delay for the new prices to go live, etc.)

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Checked again today and now the prices are back at the promotion prices...
So it's hot if you need any of the games that arent cheaper elsewhere after you consider the P&P charge + potential bank currency conversion charge.

use as a guide (doesnt always show the cheapest though)

Would change my previous cold vote to a hot vote if i could, just for the price of a couple of the kids games and ME2
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