Sale has started early @ at Jojo Maman Bebe
Sale has started early @ at Jojo Maman Bebe

Sale has started early @ at Jojo Maman Bebe

First post, so be kind. The sale has started already on Jojo maman bebe. Just ordered lots of clothes and another changing bag. BEST things is that they are still accepting the 15% off code NJP82 on sale items. Fantastic!!


cant see any sale items


cant see any sale items

Here's the link to the sale stuff:


Here's the link to the sale … Here's the link to the sale stuff:]http://www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk/searchcategory.php?super=0070BRN00009&supercategory=BRN00009&branch=BRN00009&wcategory=&treecode=TRE00009

So am I missing something? That looks like normal pricing to me.

Uuummm seems a bit pricey but then I have never bought from them. But thanks for sharing with us, I'm sure it will be useful some of us. :thumbsup:

True, most stuff is quite pricey, but there's the odd bargain to be had - especially with the extra 15% discount and free postage.

There are some newborn baby hats reduced to £1 (85p if using discount code)
The velour hooded jackets are reduced from £14 to £5 (£4.25)
There's a maternity tunic reduced from £29 to £5 (£4.25)

hi thank you for this - i just ordered some wooden dinosaurs - i bought one in mothercare for £6 for christmas pressie and they are £1 in the jojo sale. Plus it did accept the 15% off! Brilliant - i ordered 5 for the pressie box. New to this so not sure what else supposed to do if i like the deal but thanks!

Sale has started where?! Jojo maman bebe?! Who the hell are they?! lol.


We buy regularly from JJMB.

The quality of clothing is excellent; hard wearing and lasting; well made etc.

It's such a shame that the majority of HUKD users are missing this point. Yes, Primark sell cheap baby/kids clothes etc but sometimes I like to dress the lad in some good quality clothes; and if I don't get them from Next I get them from JJMB.

This is a good deal, and there are some bargains. You get what you pay for, but here you are getting real quality at a knock down price.

Very hot indeed.
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