Sale now on @ Boden!
Sale now on @ Boden!

Sale now on @ Boden!

Just checked the Boden website and the sale has started overnight !!


Thanks for this..Boden have some quality stuff

Thanks for that - have been able to get my order in early for a change:thumbsup:

Hi vindal007. Welcome to the forums. I have added to the title to let people know what is in the thread. I added a piccy as well. For more help on this kind ofthing, click the link in my sig


Welcome to hukd's from me too vindal007 and thanks for this!!

Would I be right in thinking that you can't use any discount codes in conjunction with the sale?

The only place i can see to put them is in the Gift voucher bit of the checkout page?

I am fairly positive that you can't.
I have always found Boden's web site pretty clued up and so no chance to slip in the odd discount or free P&P code with them at sale time.

:-D Just as long as it isn't just me being a cretin!

I suspected they'd chopped out the functionality to use codes, but wanted to make sure I hadn't just missed an obvous entry point :thumbsup:

Welcome here The Governor :-D


Welcome here The Governor :-D

Thanks I've been lurking for ages but hadn't gotten around to signing up, but now I have I'm golden :-D
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