Sale Now On @ Sendit.com !!
Sale Now On @ Sendit.com !!

Sale Now On @ Sendit.com !!

The January Sale has now started @ Sendit.com ! It gets earlier every year ... its not even January lol!

If you see any good bargains please share and post them, but before buying always remember to do a quick price compare!


Nice - thx millercat

Here's my pick:

Shogun Assassin (Special Edition) (DVD) (1981)
Retail Price: £19.99
Sendit's price: £3.39


Thats as long as they have any stock of anything. I ordered 5 items off them on 29th of Decemnber all came up as in stock. Then 3 of them were out of stock then all of them were temp unavailable. But look on the site and some of them stil come up as stock available.

I ordered 5 times and they didn't send items only 5 times. But not charged!!!
Very bad experience.

Poor sales items - voted cold

I ordered the Vicar of Dibley ultimate boxset around Christmas on 72 hr order. Still showing as OOS three weeks later. Sendit are a bunch of jokers.
Ordered the World at War series a few months ago, they put the five DVDs thru as five different orders. That prompted my bank to put a stop on my card as they thought it was being fraudulently used! I won't be using Sendit again. Two orders, two FUs.
Cold i'm afraid, as you'll probably still be waiting for the discs in March.

I had a good experience, I ordered a DS Lite about a month before christmas and it was with me within 3 days. It seems I was lucky reading your posts

I ordered the Rocky Balboa game for my PSP about 3 weeks ago, it wasnt shoing OOS when I ordered.
But I still get an email every week telling me they are waiting fro delivery.
Joke of a company IMO


Same here. In stock when I ordered but now just get a weekly OOS email. Useless company but they used to be so good. Never again.

**** company. have ordered from them before only to have order cancelled due to no stock even though still showing on website.
never use again. bunch of numpties.

I'm confused.. I thought it was January



I'm confused.. I thought it was January

Sale Now On @ Sendit.com !!

FOUND BY: ]millarcat[SIZE=5]3 weeks, 5 days ago[/SIZE]

Poor service, won't be ordering from them again!

Order a DVD on 2nd Dec 2007, was showing in stock on web site. Emailed me to say it was posted on the 12th December 2007, never turned up so emailed to ask where it was on the 22nd Dec, no reply from them until after xmas!:x Then turned up and was actually posted on the 16th Dec 2007!

Not impressed!
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