Sale on at homebase
Sale on at homebase

Sale on at homebase

Bear with me this is my second post here!

Anyway here goes just bought a kingsize faux leather bed for £165 with just £5 delivery charge, and have got to admit there was a lot of stuff there which was quite impressive pricewise, but it was instore only and not on there website!



Thanks for the deal Mark

Welcome to HUKD !

i have been told that information tonight was thinking of going to have a look tomorrow to see if correct but will defiently go now as need a new bed, so thanks very much you have made my mind up for me, thanks very much.x:thumbsup:

[SIZE=2]Thanks for this, which store was the bed at? Do you know what the name of the bed was?[/SIZE]

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This was the one, casablanca, I combined it with the M&S memory mattress on here for 110 delivered so am quite chuffed. The bed is now half price and a further discount brings it down to 165, I think the discount is in store only.

Phil the beds I believe are nationwide.

There was quite a lot of stuff heavily discounted and a random selection of store items that they needed to get rid of which had 50% knocked off:thumbsup:


M&S [COLOR=black]memory[/COLOR] mattress on here for 110 delivered


?! Was this a post on here?


?! Was this a post on here?

I think it was sburley or maybe in a deal request perhaps

Welcome to HotUKDeals form me too by the way Mark300ZX


Thanks for the tip Mark300ZX and welcome to the forums from me too

Hi sburley, i think this is the post for the mattress (still available):


:roll: just got back from home base and got a king size bed and matress for 220.00 bed is lovely gala i think its called matress not to sure about but will see but still some good bargains to be had, duvet set half price and are nice quality so worth a look down their if one near by, our local store which is chichester said getting rid of most floor stock for new lines coming in. x:thumbsup:

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Glad it helped you out:-D

Went to my local Homebase last night, they had that bed at the same price.
Ended up buying a different one for a bit more money as it had drawers under and the Mrs liked it more.

Its worth getting the homebase reward card if you buy something there, we spent £250 so i think that gives you about £5 on the card to spend in store.
Every little helps!

thank you just purchased this bed needed one for ages

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Happy it helped out some fellow bargain hunters:)
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