Sale Started! RADIPLUG, 3x Remote Control Mains Plug Sockets/Switches £14.99 + pp

Sale Started! RADIPLUG, 3x Remote Control Mains Plug Sockets/Switches £14.99 + pp

Found 1st Jan 2008
Home Automation has finally arrived!

Picture the scene - You have just woken up in the morning and need a cup of tea. You turn the kettle on downstairs in the kitchen from a remote control whilst you lie in bed. You then get up to an instant cuppa - No waiting required!

With the incredible Radiplug, this home automation is now possible and the possibilities are endless!
Now you're lamps, heaters, fans or anything with a plug socket can be powered remotely up to a distance of 30 Metres. It uses Radio Frequency so the remote does not need to be pointed at the socket and can go through walls unlike Infrared.

Each RF socket has 5 channels than can be set from the switch at the back.
For example, if you had 3 lamps plugged into the RF sockets on different channels you could turn them on individually or if set on the same channel you could turn them all on at the same time.
You can use as many RF sockets on the 5 different channel selections as required.

Money Saver and Environmentally Friendly

The average home has 13 appliances left on standby when not in use costing an average £43.00 per year.
Not only does this cost money but it also damages the environment unnecessarily.
With Radiplug, you could shut down every appliance completely at the touch of a button!

Great for the Elderly or Disabled and for the rest of that don't wnat to simply waste energy

Radiplug is a must for anyone who finds it difficult moving around the home.
Being able to turn on and off lamps without getting up is always a great help.

The set consists of 3 sockets and 1 remote control.

- 30 Metre Range using Radio Frequency
- Manual On/Off Switch
- Battery for remote control included (12v A23)
- Maximum Socket Power: 3000W
- Frequency: 433.92MHz

I think these are a brilliant idea, for all walks of life and your saving the enviroment.


That's just pure lazzzzzzzzzy!!! not gonna put hot or cold as I don't know what these go for. But all I have to say is, ugly things.

These have been around a few years Maplin have them so do B&Q i bought 2 packs from Aldi 3 years ago they were about £12.99 I have used them with the Christmas lights this year they really save all that messing about only trouble one slave is on the same frequency as my car remote and the Wireless front door bell when applied turns the lights off that however can be ammended fairly easily by teaching the unit (takes about 2 Seconds) to work on an alternative frequency After Christmas they will go on power stand by duty around the house i Vote HOT very handy !!

aldi had these before xmas for 9.99 and they had 4 sockets. sold out quick. also ebuyer had 3 socket ones for 9.99


ebuyer had 3 socket ones for 9.99

ebuyer's 3receivers sockets are ]£8.82, or £14.39 delivered if not reaching the £50-ish free delivery threshold.
ebuyer items can dim.

Shipping cost :
VAT 17.5%:
A bit expensive with a £5.83 delivery charge

These were still in aldi a few weeks ago stacked by the tills with the other electrictal bits and bobs they dont manage to sell in the week they're on special

Lidl had these just before Christmas for £7.50 for 2 sockets. I bought 2 sets which can be connected (so I can use either remote control for all 4 sockets) and they are great! Especially with all the Christmas lights. The kids love them! Great to take the remote out with you so that when you arrive home you can turn the lights on from the car!!!!

Worth buying but not sure this is the best price so voting cold - sorry. Try to find them cheaper elsewhere!

I paid £9.99 from Lidl for 3 sockets about 6 months ago. They do come back on the shelf from time to time.

Next time Aldi have them i will buy more they are very good as you can link them

This is my first ever post so here goes-

Just ordered 2 packs from Lakeland.
They have the 2 pack with remote available reduced from £18.99 to £8.99.
Also additional single plugs at £2.99 each (usually £7.99)

use it in conjunction with the Lakeland DISCOUNT CODE - DW1 and save £10 on an order over £25. Postage is £3.95 but spend over £45 and get it free also.

I ordered £29.38 of sale items (saving an immediate £36.00 on the usual price) and then a further £10.00 with the voucher, plus 4% discount using Quidco, equaling a Total spend of £22.37 (inc £3.95 postage) for £65.38 of goods.

Hope this is helpful !

Make sure you get the ones that don't require you to switch the actual remote handset on and off everytime you want to use it - gets a bit of a pain in the neck. Then you forget to turn off the handset and your batteries are dead the next time you come to use it!!

9.99 at Amazon
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