Salitair salt therapy inhaler for asthma and allergies - AS SEEN ON TV £16.25 @ Amazon Marketplace (Tower Health)

Salitair salt therapy inhaler for asthma and allergies - AS SEEN ON TV £16.25 @ Amazon Marketplace (Tower Health)

Found 8th Mar 2012
Salitair salt therapy inhaler for asthma and allergies - AS SEEN ON TV

Just purchased one of these on advice from a relative and seeing rave reviews and I notice the price has dropped so thought I'd share the deal/info. I didn't know anything about these Saltpipes until I was told and did some research.

As featured by Dr Chris Steele on ITVs This Morning!

Salitair salt pipe inhaler offers salt mine therapy in the comfort of your own home

Salitair is the NEW natural respiratory aid to easier breathing - Home salt mine therapy for people who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory system disorders. It is 100% natural drug-free and easy to use with no side effects!

The Salitair is a clinically tested, handy salt pipe inhaler filled with natural halit salt crystals from the Polish Klodawa salt mine. Its salty microclimate calms and cleanses the cells of the respiratory system. When using the device, the moisture of the passing air absorbs the micron sized particles of the salt, then penetrates into your respiratory system to achieve the beneficial effects. The sodium content of the active ingredient induces natural self-cleansing mechanisms that flush away the impurities from the surface of the cells. Salt particles also mechanically clean the air passages.

The Salitair salt pipe inhaler uses clinically proven salt mine therapy which can help relieve:
* Asthma, bronchitis and rhinitis
* Hayfever, pollen allergies and other allergies of the respiratory tract
* Whooping-cough and chest infections
* Colds, persistent coughs and sore throats
* COPD and Emphysema
* Snoring
* Respiratory problems caused by smoking
* General breathing difficulties

Hand-held salt therapy treatment with just a few minutes use per day to:
* Help you breathe more easily
* Assist rehabilitation and medical treatment
* Help to cleanse the respiratory system

Redesigned with a refillable salt chamber, Salitair salt inhaler can be emptied for a complete and thorough clean of the entire unit for maximum levels of hygiene.
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See the product reviewed by Dr Chris Steele on This Morning TV Program using this link: CLICK HERE

There are other 'Saltpipes' available but I chose this one due to the fact that it can be dismantled and cleaned. The other porcelain type cannot be dismantled therefore are more difficult to keep clean.
Thank you. Ordered one. Never heard of this before, but the reviews look good, worth a try.
These are absolutely brilliant, my daughters persistent nighttime cough was cured within 2 days, be aware though that symptoms may worsen for the first 2 days but stick with it, it will work.
The porcelain pipes last longer and 'breathe' preventing the salt from holding moisture which decreases their effectiveness, they also last for 5 years.
Holland and Barrett sell the new Cisca Salt Pipe (plastic version) which last 6 months for £14.99.
plus the hygeine thing is naughty really, salt kills all bacteria/fungus etc. so you can't really get an un-hygeinic one.
Upvoted for awareness although I'm not sure this deal itself is that hot.
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Can this be used on 4-year olds? My son has croup and hospital seem to think if they take out his tonsils and adenoids he will be fine. I am delaying the op as i need second opinion...but in the meantime wondering if this would improve his breathing and whether it is suitable for young kids.

It will work it just going to be difficult to get him to use it properly. My daughter is 6 and it took a while to teach her to use it, you have to breathe in normally through the pipe then breathe out through your nose, if you breathe back into the pipe you can get moisture into the salt reducing it's effectiveness, this is where the porcelain versions are better as they breathe and wick any moisture out. It might be worth keeping an eye out at Holland and Barrett though as they told me last week when i went in that they are about to launch their own brand salt inhaler specifically for children which will have one of those large mouth and nose covering things on like children use for inhalers.
Wow sounds incredible, will have to delve into the clinical research to see how the evidence stacks up
Cant find any evidence! However, there's strong evidence to support inhaling salt water vapour (although somebody above says moisture reduces effectiveness?)
Where is the evidence!

Wow sounds incredible, will have to delve into the clinical research to … Wow sounds incredible, will have to delve into the clinical research to see how the evidence stacks up


Cant find any evidence! Where is the evidence!…al/
You seem strangely quiet Mascherano.

You seem strangely quiet Mascherano.

You may want to read that "evidence"...
I found a few articles on PubMed but they're all in Russian (usually not a good sign!)

Looks like this thing has no evidence to back it up


You may want to read that "evidence"...

I've read it.


I found a few articles on PubMed

Really? You've done better than you did yesterday then. Apparently you couldn't find ANY evidence yesterday!
Mascherano wrote yesterday

Cant find any evidence! Where is the evidence!


...but they're all in Russian (usually not a good sign!)

Yes I've found they tend to communicate in their native language in Romania. Strange that eh? You see the clues are in the details... surely you've read the details? The salts used are from... ROMANIAN SALT MINES!


Looks like this thing has no evidence to back it up

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I've presented medical evidence and you're still not happy. Tell you what, if you're not interested that's fine, cast your cold vote and get back under your bridge.

lol you've read the evidence? Please point out to me the part that convinces you that it works.All I could see was some bizarre letter from 2002 where the name on the title doesnt match up with the name on the bottom of the letter.
The next one is a (forgivably) terrible tranlation of arguably the worst designed 'study' in the history of Western Medicine (where did that control group go?)
The third one is less terrible-although as study design goes even a first year B.Sc student could punch holes in it. Laughably small cohort of patients but at least they tried and were honest in their assessment:
further studies are probably needed to exclude a placebo effect which could not be quantified under present circumstances
Yep I also searched Pubmed, everything is in Russian (only about 10 papers in the last decade!). If this thing worked, it would be in every hospital and clinic around the world and we would have proper studies underway by now; its over a decade old.

Want to buy some magic beans? Homeopathy?
Lol the website is comedy gold:
Check health benefits page:…ts/

Or from the FAQ:

Why does Cisca no longer offer a 100% money back guarantee anymore:
Because we would like to give the confidence to our customers that we do not resell the used pipes. In the past we offered this guarantee and had several enquiries asking about this. Therefore, Cisca decided to no longer offer 30 day money back guarantee.
Get back under it.
I go back under when you show me some real evidence
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