Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX £104.99 @ Trekitt

Salomon Quest 4D 2 GTX £104.99 @ Trekitt

Found 23rd Jan 2018
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nice boot. i bought them recently and they are proving their worth already- i would recomend them
Decent price as is but GO will possibly do their usual price match and drop 10% (size depending if in stock.) So maybe under £95.
Voted cold? This place wouldn't know quality if it kicked them up the arse.

Anyway, good price for a decent pair of boots. Salomon also do a 2yr warranty.
I think it's because they were £85 last week from field and trek
?????? I have a pair of these boots and use them frequently fell walking in the Lake District. They are normally available around the £120 mark so this is a reasonable price. I am deeply puzzled how this can be voted cold. If you go onto the winter fells with something bought from Poundland on your feet it is really quite likely you are going to meet the local mountain rescue group. These, on the other hand ( or foot ), will deal with any conditions and surface thrown at them.
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