Salt - Blu-ray - pre-order @ - £11.98

Salt - Blu-ray - pre-order @ - £11.98

Found 1st Dec 2010
Cheapest pre-order I can see, around £15-16 elsewhere. Also part of their "2 for £20" deal, plus 4% Quidco as well.


Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) is a CIA officer that is identified by a defector as a Russian sleeper spy and is accused of plotting the assassination of the visiting Russian President. Her CIA superiors are quickly convinced that she is involved in an international conspiracy and make her the target of an intense hunt. Evelyn risks her own life and that of her husband to prove that someone else is the traitor.


don't know if its a good film - but if its the cheapest - have some heat - thanks

Brilliant deal, and a very very good film!
Now to cancel my pre-order at


Brilliant deal, and a very very good film!Now to cancel my pre-order at … Brilliant deal, and a very very good film!Now to cancel my pre-order at

You have seen it already, But now want to buy it...

Are you glutten?

I thought it was a brilliant film.

Are you kidding? (a) it was a great film....(b) Jolie's in it.

I need say no more.

It wasn't a brilliant film. It was meant to believeable, i.e. Something that could possibly have happened, Only trouble is, is that it was so far fetched it might as well have been filmed on mars!
One of the worst things you can do to a film IMO,

In films like harry potter for example the audience knows that its fantasy, So it is then a case of making it as far fetched and entertaining as possible Each to their own though I suppose

P.s. Ok, I'll let you have that Jolie point
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