Salter BW02772G Marble Collection 28cm Grey Wok £16.99 (Prime) @ Amazon

Salter BW02772G Marble Collection 28cm Grey Wok £16.99 (Prime) @ Amazon

Found 24th Jul 2016Made hot 25th Jul 2016
according to cames the lowest price , good reviews, free delivery with orders £20And over


got one last time they were on offer. really decent... happy with mine...
would easily recommend at that price. the lid is really nice and makes it excellent value as well as the coating itself.

I have frying pans from same range and they are excellent. added this too...thank you...have some heat

Says 1 to 2 months delivery but you can also get from Roberts Dyas for the same price.

I got a free wok with some noodles a couple of months ago.. must be crazy to actually buy one :P

ordered, thanks, i don't mind of waiting, need to put it in storage anyway for future use.

Heat added, possible alternative if you don't want to wait…7YC

got mine 18 quid in asda. standard price

not that great having used one myself. tried one John Lewis one for 25 that turned out to be v good
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