Salter Curve Body Analyser Pro Bathroom Scale £23.84 delivered using voucher @ Amazon

Salter Curve Body Analyser Pro Bathroom Scale £23.84 delivered using voucher @ Amazon

Found 10th Jul 2017
Click link, add voucher under price and it'll drop to £23.84 delivered at checkout


Simply step on for an instant weight reading followed by your measurements of body fat, body water, muscle mass, BMI and BMR. The Body Analyser Pro gives you much more than your weigh measurement. Get readings of important aspects of your body composition via bio impedance analysis to give you a fuller picture of your overall health.

Track changes and understand whether extra weight is a result of increased body fat or muscle mass. Monitor your hydration levels with the body water per cent and compare your BMI to healthy recommended ranges. The minimum amount of calories your body needs at rest is displayed as your BMR and can be used to calculate your total calorie needs.

Designed with a sleek round platform, the Curve Pro can store personal data for up to 12 users and features child and athlete modes for the whole family. Use the carpet feet to ensure accurate results on uneven surfaces and start your journey to a healthy, happy body.

Initialising Your ScaleIt's always important to follow the instruction booklet provided with your scales to ensure correct usage.


Before first use or if the scale is moved:

  • Press the platform centre and remove your foot
  • 0.0 will be displayed
  • The scale will switch off and is ready for use
  • Step straight onto the platform for a weight reading
  • The initialisation process must be repeated if the scales are moved. At all other times step straight on the scale.
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whats the voucher?

whats the voucher?

It applies automatically at checkout.

Edit. Just make sure you check the box on the listing page...
Edited by: "BuzzDuraband" 10th Jul 2017
It's up to £35.01 now so £25.01 after voucher.
i can't see any voucher apply?
I can't get that price either
Think it's ended
Yeah, it's gone now
You can still get it for £25.01. It's only £1.21 more than before.
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