Salter Digital Kitchen Scales - £10 Prime / £14.49 non Prime @

Salter Digital Kitchen Scales - £10 Prime / £14.49 non Prime @

Posted 30th Jun 2018
Best price as per 3 camels.

Salter Digital Kitchen Scales, Electronic Food Scale, Ultra Slim Design, Accurate Weighing Home Cooking + Baking, Metric Gram + Imperial, Liquids ml/fl oz, Easy Read LCD, Batteries – 15 Yr Guarantee
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The Salter scales all float around this price point and at different times different shapes (there are many Salter variants that do exactly the same job) on Amazon fall to the £9.99 price point.

What I would say is that if you have a large vessel base, then you cannot use this due to the recessed platform. Instead get something like this from Salter/Amazon. It will fall to £10 at some point soon, if you are not in a rush. Camelcamel link.
Or actually this is even better and cheaper if you cannot cope with the recessed base Link.
How much is a gram?
dewonderful2 m ago

How much is a gram?

£40 or 3 for £100
szferke5 m ago


See above - 3 grams is a ton!
Edited by: "dewonderful" 30th Jun 2018
Your can spell it Gram or Gramme.

This one is better for £16.99…851
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