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Posted 25 September 2022

Salter dual air fryer 7.4L £138.24 + £3.99 delivery with code @ JD Williams

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4000105_1.jpgI’ve taken a bit of a punt on this, because the picture looks completely generic and doesn’t match any of the Salter products that I can find. Also, there’s no meaningful model number mentioned.

However, with the lack of anything else available at this sort of price point, I’ve ordered it.

Price is £149.99

Discount code have1 (only one I could find that works on electrical items) gives £15 off purchases of £150+, so I added the cheapest electrical item - copper string clip lights for £3.25. Delivery is £3.99, so total is £142.23 which granted, is a load of faff for just under £8 off but it covers the delivery charge with a bit of change.

It might be a waste of time yet, but it was the only reasonably priced dual air fryer that I could find for a reasonable amount of money at the moment. Delivery is supposedly within 4 days.

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If for any reason you want to return an item simply send it back in new condition within 28 days using one of our flexible options.

For full details please visit our returns policy.

Product Details

Cook healthier meals for the whole family using the Salter Dual Cook Air Fryer.

Featuring a generous 7.4 litre capacity across two non-stick cooking chambers; this extra-large air fryer can make double portions for families and cook a variety of foods ready to serve at the same time.

With an impressive 2200/2400W and perfect for family cooking, this twin cook fryer has 6 cooking presets with pause, resume sync and match features to ensure identical cooking times and temperatures.

A healthier alternative to deep-frying; the Dual Air Fryer requires little to no oil, keeping the same great taste and flavours.

The sync and match cook functions allow both compartments to be ready at the same time with a temperature pause and resume function.

With a duo basket design, this 7.4L fryer has two 3.7L independent frying trays, ideal for cooking different foods or double portions.

The adjustable temperature and timer functions give you control over each compartment allowing you to cook different foods together.

A cooking chart and selection of recipes is included to cook a variety of meats, fish, vegetables, desserts and even dehydrate fruit.

YouTube - Product Overview

Help & Information

JD Williams More details at JD Williams
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    We bought one of these last weekend (link at end) and have not regretted it, cooked a 1.4kg chicken on the rotisserie, cooked a turkey crown breast joint the same way, baked a banana, date & walnut cake in it, chips, burgers, bread & butter pudding even 'fried' eggs on toast (obs did the toast in the toaster) ... We liked it so much we bought a second for our Son who's just moved out of home (again). Lewis's Air Fryer Oven 10.5L - Black (tjhughes.co.uk)

    48300166-NITj7.jpg (edited)
    As a mother of 3 I feel the pain of the word "again"
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    I received mine today. Did anyones have a protective film on the screen? Mine has arrived with swirl marks and a small scratch on it
    48328841-mtyS1.jpg48328841-1uBqF.jpg (edited)
    No protection film, and no swirls yet. TBH, the plastics feel like they’re going to pick up a few marks. On the plus side, I’ve made tea in it tonight which was well received.
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    Used it for the first time today to do some bacon. 8 minutes at 200'c and used 50% of the power our grill would have used.
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    Being Salter branded this should have a 3 year warranty (one year as standard then a further 2 years on registration within 28 days of purchase). Which is 24 months longer than Ninja offer.

    I've voted hot not because it would be classed a deal 2 months ago but ANY dual air fryer in stock with a 'proper' retailer at a reasonable price these days IS a deal. These things are as rare as hen's teeth at the moment and as soon as a retailer gets some stock it sells out so quick it's crazy. And I called see this being rectified any time soon.

    Used correctly the ROI on these dual air frers has never been quicker.

    Good find OP (edited)
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    Presumably these are much cheaper to run than a standard oven?
    It depends, going off fake media these save you hundreds a year. Where they got that I am not sure.

    But when they tell you your phone charger costs between £25 and £50 a year if left plugged in, I tend to not believe a word they type
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    Does anyone have any recommendations of an air fryer for a single person? Ideally one which has some of these rack and rotisserie options.
    Yes, the link's just above the images on my post. ... And it's in stock.
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    Physically the same as the one sold by costco for sub £100 just a different brand name slapped on by the manufacturer. We bought it, its fine. We also have a more expensive ninja, which while better doesn't justify the price difference.
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    finally arrived - made sausages in 10 minutes - love the thing
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    Thanks just bought one. Used the HAVE1 code with a pair of mustard face cloths for £1 so all in for £139.98. Cheers OP
    Me too.
    A no brainer at this price.
  10. Avatar
    Ordered but reeks of incoming cancellation 
  11. Avatar
    The YouTube video is a different model compared to the one here on offer, the YT one is 8.2L with 12 presets whereas this one is 7.4L with 6 presets.
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  13. Avatar
    Cheaper in currys
  14. Avatar
    Has anyone’s shipped yet? Mine was marked as despatched yesterday but I got no email and their live chat are claiming it hasn’t shipped. 
    I had an email to say mine has been dispatched 
  15. Avatar
    Mine arrives today. Don't suppose you've given it a go to see how you like it
  16. Avatar
    Received mine today.
  17. Avatar
    Another day another Evri mess. They're claiming the package is now apparently too big to deliver so wouldn't deliver it today.