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Posted 8 December 2022

Salter 7.8L Dual Air Fryer £99.99 instore @ Lidl

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Salter dual Cook Air fryer from 15th Dec at lidl

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  • This dual chamber hot air fryer from
  • Salter is perfect for grilling, hot air frying, dehydrating, baking, heating and defrosting
  • Prepare your favourite foods with little or no oil
  • Equipped with a digital display and 6 different programs for ease of use
  • LED display with sensor touch control
  • 2x 3.9L non-stick frying baskets mean different foods can be cooked separately, with individual cooking times and temperatures
  • Power consumption: 2400W
  • Temperature settings from 60°-240°
  • 60 minute timer
  • Size: L39 x W35 x H28cm
  • Accessories: one non-stick grill rack per basket
LIDL More details at LIDL
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    Managed to get one in Chippenham, now to see what all the fuss is about 😜
    You do have a learning curve ahead! For anything thicker than skinny chips or bacon, you need to allow time for the heat to penetrate to the middle without cremating the surface.
    If it’s thin just dial down the time (50%?) compared to a fan oven, but if it is thick (like a pie) then dial down the temperature by 20/30C and give it more like 80% of the oven time.
    In between, tweak both!
    A probe thermometer will tell you what it is like inside… (edited)
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    Can anyone explain why people are buying this product like it's end of the world?
    I compared its energy consumption with my existing oven and it's about the same 🤷 why everyone needs it so much then?
    The energy consumption has to be calculated over the whole cooking cycle, not instantaneous.
    They take very similar wattage but due to the small area, distribute quicker, heat up quicker and turn the element on and off less frequent so the power averages out quite a bit less.
    They also cook quicker.
    If i put my frozen oven chips in my Bosch oven for 18 mins, they r fine but when I first cooked the same in an air fryer, they were over cooked and rock hard and home made chips are much better in the air fryer.
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    Let's hope they handle this better than Aldi did...
    All they can really do is limit the number people buy.
    It’s basic supply and demand so as long as people are desperate for these things, they’ll continue to struggle to supply them.
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    I can see lots of staff ringing in sick that day, if they read about Aldi's debacle in store.
    My local Aldi had none in-store on the morning, I'm 99% sure staff had purchased them all up for resale.
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    Waste of time trying to get this and the Aldi one. We went and queued at 6am. Store opened and they said the delivery didn't arrive and won't until the afternoon or evening. So we went again later in the day only for them to say they sold out in the morning around 10am. I'm tired of this wild goose chase.
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    I can sense the intern journalists are preparing to write a few articles about this come 15th December
    Those kind of articles do my head in!
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    Asda had 6.2l aifryer for £59
    Most places sold out.. sold out online too.. managed to pay for it but got oos reply day after due for delivery
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    Well done to those who got one Dual air fryer s are complete game changers!

    Don't forget to register for the additional 2 year warranty from Salter. I think they give you 30 days to register but I would do it now or risk forgetting. Those 2 extra years are a potential big money saver


    Edit: and keep your receipt in a safe place...but not so safe that you can't find it if you need it (edited)
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    This is the one I thought it was but the Amazon link says the capacity is slightly more (probably a mistake on Amazon)
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    I want one but not enough to risk my life in the brawl
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    They should make a Pokemon Air Fryer, ultra premium edition. Combine the hype marketing & watch the sheep flock
    You joke but I saw a Pokémon cheese toastie maker in Red5 the other day
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    I wouldn't waste your time. Went to Lidl (South Liverpool) first thing and they'd sold the 6 they had. They said all stores have only been sent a few.

    Basically a staff only offer then?
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    My other half works for Lidl and they aren’t allowed to buy any stock like this until after 12pm (unless they queue like other shoppers) so not all staff get their hands on the stock before customers!
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    Does this have sync mode?
    Next to the time display in the photo where it’s says 17:00 I think it says sync ?
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    Looks like a one off to me. Makes me think the companies are making slightly different versions for specific stores - now that I've seen so many versions of the same one floating around over the months.
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  17. Avatar
    If it's like the last one in Lidl - they were not easy to source. Many were not even on the shop floor - but were got by asking (odd practice)
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  19. Avatar
    That will be very very hard to find in store I suspect....
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    This will be like Air Fryer German Supermarket Dash Mk2 after the Aldi debacle!
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    The frenzy may have subsided by the tail end of the January sales, and retailers who failed to get their stock in before Christmas will lower their expectations.
    Meanwhile, expect queues in the snow… as this looks a good enough deal to sell out immediately.
    I think you are being optimistic, I said a week or so ago that I believe there will need to be at least 500,000 of these coming into the UK quickly for any sign of the scramble easing. And China's current zero tolerance COVID policy isn't going to help. Time will tell (edited)
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    Is this in-store only? Do LIDL even have an online capability?
    Yes and no.
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    I would like to buy one
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    When looking on the manufacturer's website looks to be the nearest although states 7.4L not 7.8! salter.com/dua…0w/
    I think its a mistake on the lidl leaflet and on argos website.
    Gummo posted a pic of the box of the EK4750 model and it says 7.4l
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    Anyone going to try going last thing today and see if they put any out for tomorrow?
    I was in New Malden branch and surprised to see them out at 6.30pm - I didn't get one but was tempted!
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    Oos Redditch.
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    I got one... Had to get up at the crack of death they were already queuing and there was a mad dash when the doors opened at 8 am. I'm happy now
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    My local Lidl had six in stock at 8.00am. Four left in stock at 8.15am.

    No, I didn't buy them. Got the earlier Costco deal.
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    Doubt they'll have many in store. Most products this size, are short on supply at Lidl. Like the dehumidifier they had recently. There was only 1. Didn't go there for that, as didn't know at the time, but it was the only 1. £119 for a 20L dehumidifier with 3 years warranty 👌🏻
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    Lidl Northallerton had 4 in stock, lucky to get last one.
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    I wouldn't bother wasting your time. I was in Lidl Melton Mowbray for 8 am and all sold out. Went to Oakham and all sold out too.
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    Mrs picked up one of these on her gym run thx poster - been waiting on any of the ninja double basket jobbies but they are in and out of stock quicker than a fiddlers elbow.
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    I got one. Only got it for xmas present as the gf wanted one. Can’t find any model numbers on the box though.
    Judging by the photo on the Lidl website, it's the EK4750 model, which actually has a 7.4L capacity - not 7.8L as described by Lidl.
    I managed to pick up the Asda 6.2L (single compartment) one in my local Asda store yesterday, even though their website showed it as OOS. I like the idea of being able to cook a whole chicken, which is probably not feasible in the dual cook one Lidl are selling, but people seem to be raving about the Salter model, so I'm going to go to Lidl in Witney in a few minutes to see if they have any left and may return the Asda one if I get lucky.
    Does anyone want one if they have stock?
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    The Geese have already migrated... do not waste your time on a fruitless Wild Goose Chase !!
  35. Avatar
    Toast in one of these (well the Ninja anyway) is amazing. Fluffy crisp like fried bread without the lardfest.
  36. Avatar
    Had 5 delivered in Halifax, 3 went pretty quick 8:15… none in Sowerby or Todmorden at 9 am
  37. Avatar
    I got one this morning when the store opened. There were 6 available, I got the second another customer behind me got the third. They probably all sold out within 10 mins.
  38. Avatar
    just got one from local Accrington Lidl, they had 3 in stock at 1pm
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    Save me a wild goose if you catch one. Turkey’s are getting scarce!
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    I could not get to my local Lidl this morning until around 11am, there were 4 still on display, I took one, someone else had another whilst I was in store at the time... unpacked, cleaned and a test run performed to burn off any manufacturing residues. Looks good, easy to operate and does everything I want and more. Happy! Thanks for posting