Posted 18 March 2023

Salter EK4750BLK 7.4L 2400W Dual Air Fryer - Black £94.99 with code + Free Click & Collect / £4.95 Delivery @ Robert Dyas

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Cook healthier meals for the whole family using the Salter Dual Cook Air Fryer. Featuring a generous 7.4 litre capacity across two non-stick cooking chambers; this extra-large air fryer can make double portions for families and cook a variety of foods ready to serve at the same time. With an impressive 2200/2400W and perfect for family cooking, this twin cook fryer has 6 cooking presets with pause, resume sync and match features to ensure identical cooking times and temperatures.


A healthier alternative to deep-frying; the Dual Air Fryer requires little to no oil, keeping the same great taste and flavours
The sync and match cook functions allow both compartments to be ready at the same time with a temperature pause and resume function
With a duo basket design, this 7.4L fryer has two 3.7L independent frying trays, ideal for cooking different foods or double portions

Dimensions: H:28.0 x W:3 5.0 x D:3 9.0 cm
Colour: Black
Guarantee:3 years
Model Number: EK4750BLK
Robert Dyas More details at Robert Dyas

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  1. Northern123's avatar
    this or the daewoo?

    DonkeyKonk's avatar
    I was deciding this last week, they are similar in appearance for sure, but have some key differences, with the Salter being more "powerful" but after seeing them in person in store I went for the Daewoo, just felt that bit better built (the drawers felt better for me)

    I have been very happy with the Daewoo (doubke drawer 8XL), been cooking with it all week, fish and chips, chicken and roast potatoes, nicely done and so easy. and it seem powerful enough for what I need it for. (edited)
  2. Wreckspotter's avatar
    does anyone use the silicon baskets in this? any recommendations
    DonkeyKonk's avatar
    The top seller ones on Amazon seem worth a go, I ordered some yesterday for my Daewoo check the dimensions for the Salter etc.


    There are some slightly bigger ones that would have also fit my machine, but I think these might be better to allow more air flow.

    But I am just tryin out a few methods really, I did some bacon the other day and there was so much grease after it got me looking at such things (whereas frozen foods I have done so far have barely left any grease) (edited)
  3. Timothy_Everest's avatar
    2400W not cheap to run.
    In Fact more than most peples normal oven ?
    martin4567's avatar
    But considering it only has to heat either one or two smaller drawers rather than a massive oven means it heats up much quicker?
  4. Invalids's avatar
    Is the air fryer still a thing?

    There must be a lot of UK households frying foods without realising that there are alternative cooking methods, I worry what their diets consist of.
    Dicko13's avatar
    If you knew an air fryer is a compact convection oven then your argument is "Invalid" 😜
  5. Jon_atkinson's avatar
    Will this cook as quickly as the round style ones? Bought a 1700w dual from Lakeland last year and it was slower than my gas oven for cooking times, didn't cook evenly and left food either soggy or overcooked
    deadduck_145's avatar
    ive had this one since December last year when Lidl had it at this price.

    Its brilliant. I upgraded from a single draw one from wilko as theres 3 of us, plus we can do veg at the same time.

    Ive found some great recipes from Facebook or instagram pages but also, its just so much quicker than our oven. I definitely see a difference in our electric bill as well as 2 of us cook separate so the oven could be on for an hour to an hour half each night
  6. davescouse's avatar
    Can you cook a whole chicken in one of the draws???
    cliosport65's avatar
    A small chicken would fit
  7. hdhani's avatar
    Which is the best brand salter, daewoo or tower for air fryers that's not a ninja?
    Northern123's avatar
    trying to find the same information
  8. Northern123's avatar
    £119 now
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