Salter Handheld Spiraliser now only £1.75 @ Tesco instore

Salter Handheld Spiraliser now only £1.75 @ Tesco instore

LocalFound 5th Feb
Evening, ladies and gentlemen (tips hat).

Here we have a fine specimen of deluxe quality branded culinary tat at a price not to be sniffed at. I saw these on the shelf in my local store (High Wycombe) and felt strangely compelled to purchase one, which I promptly did. Not because I need it, but because - in true HUKD fashion - it was dead cheap and I'm sure I can find a cupboard space for it with all the other kitchen tat I've amassed via this site and never used. But that's okay because I'm putting the substantial savings I've made towards eventually funding a psychiatrist to cure my HUKD addiction...

They had about six left on the shelf. It's still £8 online, but other stores may have it reduced too, so worth checking your local if you're passing through.
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For those asking, the barcode on the shelf sticker is 081862837/5054061076677/06.

And from the box, the product code is BW05614TE and barcode 5054061076677.
Evening Flea....(also doffs cap!)
Showing as £8
I don't want one, but the presentation is so totally deserving of heat.
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peejaylew2 m ago

Showing as £8

Try reading a little
decanay20 m ago

Try reading a little

Too many words, lost interest after the first paragraph
Was £3.50 for money ok value, be warned the white plastic turns orange after carrot use
out of fashion already?
peejaylew4 h, 28 m ago

Too many words, lost interest after the first paragraph

Haha, first paragraph? Be honest now, did you even start the first paragraph? The title covers just about all you need to know
Jumpingphil4 m ago

It is listed as a Tesco direct deal.

So it is... read anything but that bit
Heat given not only for deal but also because you've stated which shop you've purchased it in without sending everybody on a wild goose chase or leaving them hanging for information.
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