salter health grill an panini maker £19.99 @ Homebase

salter health grill an panini maker £19.99 @ Homebase

Found 18th Mar 2016
The prices have been mixed up on the home base website between the small an large grill, but when I reserved it in store they honoured the price. Around 35-50 everywhere else.
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Any ideas if the plates are removable please?
not removeable. I have one of these and it is the WORST ever Non-stick.
EVERYTHING sticks and it is a NIGHTMARE cleaning the plates.
I would NOT recommend this at all.
you'll be sorry if you don't heed my warning.
Also DON'T buy their Non-stick roaster trays, they are rubbish too.
Not healthy if you make a grilled cheese sandwich on it. I made that mistake, thinking that it would be a lot healthier, but unlike the George the fat didn't run away from the sandwich, it was retained inside the bread. Voted cold.
voted cold because a grilled cheese sandwich is unhealthy lol cheese is still cheese no matter how you cook it
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