SALUS IT500 Internet Controlled Thermostat £79.99 Amazon

SALUS IT500 Internet Controlled Thermostat £79.99 Amazon

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Edited by:"TheCheapster"Found 8th Aug 2017
Do you enjoy surprises?
Do you find the "shuffle" function incredibly useful on your music player?

This product is targeted at you.

The internet will set your room temperatures for you.

You'll be continuously surprised, perplexed, enchanted, and delighted.

Now much cheaper than before.

edit: I went mad with the commas
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This is a good bit of kit and saved us a lot of money by allowing us to control the heating remotely. However it isn't Alexa enabled, such as Hive and Nest so is now looking a bit dated. If you don;t need this functionality then it is a good price. I email Salus once and got a reply within a day so would say their service is good too
I had this for a while, sometimes worked sometimes not. Got the Nest now and much more reliable.
Had this for a few years, works perfectly, good bit of kit
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