Salvisto 1260w Retro Stand Mixer only £69.95 Sold by SAVISTO and Fulfilled by Amazon

Salvisto 1260w Retro Stand Mixer only £69.95 Sold by SAVISTO and Fulfilled by Amazon

Found 11th Jun 2017
Savisto 3-in-1 Food Stand Mixer with Beater, Whisk & Dough Hook Attachments

Take the effort out of baking with this automatic food stand mixer from Savisto; whether you’re an aspiring cook, a professional chef or simply someone who enjoys cooking in your spare time, this electric food mixer is the perfect appliance for any traditional, modern or contemporary kitchen.

With a powerful 800W motor that can, when under strain, automatically increase up to 1260W, several unique accessories for handling different ingredients and a large 5.5L mixing bowl; you can be sure that this Savisto food mixer has everything you need to make cooking and baking a breeze.

Includes Three Unique Attachments:

1 x Beater

For general purpose mixing, beating, folding and combing, this paddle shaped heavy duty die cast beater will gently, but thoroughly combine your ingredients in the most efficient way possible. From cake mixtures, icing and creams to batters, doughs and everything in between; this is the attachment that will see the most use for day-to-day mixing.

1 x Whisk

A large stainless steel balloon whisk is included to make quick work of all light mixing. Whether you’re preparing a delicious cake mixture, a tasty batter, or anything that requires really incorporating air into the mixture; the whisk attachment is the go to tool for the job.

1 x Dough Hook

If you’re a fan of freshly baked bread or homemade pizzas and pies, this die cast dough hook is the attachment for you. Do away with the hard work involved in mixing and kneading dough; this uniquely angled hook will gather, combine and knead the dough for you, resulting in a perfect mixture ready for baking.

Also included is 1x Transparent Splash Guard to ensure your mixer and worktop stay clean when mixing messy ingredients and 1 x silicone spatula for scraping the mixing bowl clean when you’re finished mixing.

Box Contains

1 x Beater, 1 x Whisk, 1 x Dough Hook, 1x Transparent, 1 x silicone spatula, 1 x Stand Mixer

Available in Black or Red
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The stated RRP is £120, same as a Kenwood KM300, a far superior piece of kit in my opinion.

There seems to be so many of these Chinese made cheap mixers on the go now, all with that kitchenaid style, but none of the substance. If you intend to use it a lot, or make decent sized batches of dough then bite the bullet and pay the extra for a Kenwood. They last forever and in the event you do need a spare part, they're readily available.

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