Sam and Max 104 FREE Game Episode @ Steam
Sam and Max 104 FREE Game Episode @ Steam

Sam and Max 104 FREE Game Episode @ Steam

I was browsing steam and spotted that if you search for sam & max, and go to season 1 the 4th episode is listed as free! All the others are $8.99. If you want to try for free its worth a shot... just waiting for it to download.


Yes mate! get iN!

it says on the page

The fourth adventure of the legendary dog and rabbity-thing crime fighting duo is now absolutely FREE. What're you waiting for? Click the button!
...and, if you like this free game, we have lots more just like it. Take a look.!"

Dont click the take a look, it just shows you all the Sam and Maxes you have to buy

But nice find! Heat and rep added, and rare to find another steamer on here too!

You need to download Steam first



You need to download Steam first


Original Poster

Again load of people vote this cold. Dont really know why as its free. Loads of people have steam because you need it for a number of popular games including Orange Box!

If you got it, you may as well have a go with Sam and Max. If you don't, then don't worry about it.... but no need to send a chill to the thread! :whistling:

i downloaded this at the time the deal first appeared and just got around to playing it last week as I was working abroad and got bored.

Thanks very much OP.
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