Samba De Amigo Nintendo Wii £10 @ HMV (instore)
Samba De Amigo Nintendo Wii £10 @ HMV (instore)

Samba De Amigo Nintendo Wii £10 @ HMV (instore)

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You've played Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Now try the game that made them all possible--Samba de Amigo. Reinvented for the Wii, Samba has you use the Wii remote and Nunchuk, or two remotes if you have them, to shake your virtual maracas along to a collection of Latin and pop music classics.

You will believe a hedgehog can dance. In Hustle Mode you have to show off your dance as well as maracas moves. Two players can play at two different difficultly levels if you want. Your Miis are just some of the characters that watch your routine.

The game works a bit differently than other music games. You play by shaking the maracas at one of three heights, using one or both of your hands. It may sound simple, but in the new Hustle Mode youre also called upon to perform special dance moves and poses at the same time.

There are plenty of other new game modes as well, including a full career mode. There are multiplayer options, such as one where you get to drop bombs on your opponent and another that tries to measure your romantic compatibility by how well you perform in a duet.
Key Features

* Golden oldies: Features all the stages and characters from the original arcade and Dreamcast games.
* The gangs all here: Enjoy cameos from a range of Sega characters and games, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Ulala from Space Channel 5.
* Samba de Mii: Have your Miis join the party and dance away in the background--the better you do the more animated they become.
* Mambo on demand: If you get tired of the 44 different songs on the games disc, there will be a regular series of extra downloadble tracks--a first for the Wii.
* Maracas hero: For the authentic maracas-shaking experience, the deluxe version of Samba de Amigo comes with special maraca-shaped attachments for your remotes.


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Nice price. I'm a poet......etc



heat added great price great game http://www.picturehoster.org/storage/22.jpg

Great game! Bought the maracas from Game this week for £5 to go with it!


Heat added, been out and bought it this morning....what fun this game is especially at this bargain price and with maracas from home bargin for £1.99!
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