Samba Mobile Broadband - Free unlimited 3G Data with ads

Samba Mobile Broadband - Free unlimited 3G Data with ads

Found 6th Jul 2012…pad

Why pay for mobile broadband? Buy a Samba SIM now for £2.99 + p&p and never pay for broadband on the go again.

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Samba is the smart way to get connected – we give you free internet and in return you select and watch high quality adverts. You choose what to watch and when to watch it.

Samba is available for tablet and laptop owners & we use the best mobile data network (Three) in the UK.

If there is one thing better than mobile data, it is free mobile data. So a company promising to give away mobile data is always going to attract plenty of interest.

The idea behind Samba Mobile is simple enough. The service, which piggybacks on 3's network, offers just data – no calls – either via a microsim, or a conventional USB dongle. The microsim is aimed at tablet users, with the service initially available for the iPad. The dongle, made by ZTE, should work with any PC or Mac, the company claims.

The quid pro quo is that subscribers need to "earn" their free broadband access, by watching adverts or clicking on links to affiliated retailers. This creates a bank of credits for mobile data.

The basic microsim costs £5, and the dongle with a SIM, a reasonable £25. But the mechanics of earning the mobile data allowance are a little more complex.

Samba says it will be concentrating on high quality ads and movie trailers. The more ads you watch, the greater the data allowance you earn. An average ad earns 3.5MB, so the company calculates that watching four and a half ads a day would earn 525MB of data. This is more, they say, than the average smartphone user goes through in a month.
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