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Samba Sim - half price via offer code on their Facebook page £2.50
Found 20th Apr 2014Found 20th Apr 2014
Samba Sim offer - Half Price Sim ** SPECIAL OFFER - 1/2 price SIM (£2.50 vs RRP £5.00) ** For a limited period only, access Samba's FREE 3G service for laptops and tablets for j… Read more

Well that was a waste of my first deal posting !!! Sorry guys (and Gals) I'm still looking out for a data only sim for my Mifi if anyone knows of anything thats a bargain ( I wont be using it regularly which is why the samba sim appealed to me )


:( well, the words 'of', 'death' and 'kiss' spring to mind..



It seems like they're refunding customers who joined in April and refunding the cost of the dongle.


FYI: as with Ovivo model appears unsustainable, As of 28 Apr 2014 Samba Mobile has closed down "Dear Customers, Sadly, Samba has had to take the difficult decision to close, primarily due to high and increasing - and therefore unsustainable - data costs. We hope that you, our customers, have been happy with the value exchange received over the last two years. Below you will find answers to FAQs."

Samba Mobile Sim for £1
Found 27th Dec 2013Found 27th Dec 2013
I ordered a samba micro sim this morning and decided to see if the code BG1 still got me a discount, which it did. The normal price is £5 and you get 'free' data for watching adver… Read more

Samba closing down. Dear Customers, Sadly, Samba has had to take the difficult decision to close, primarily due to high and increasing - and therefore unsustainable - data costs. We hope that you, our customers, have been happy with the value exchange received over the last two years. Below you will find answers to FAQs


any similar option for a nanosim that can be put in ipad air for very, very occasional use?


That's because most dual sim phones have 1 3G and 1 2G connection.


Damm thought I could use this in my dual sim phone with my PAYG 3 sim card but it doesn't! They both work fine on their own but put them together and only one of them works at a time. Just a word of warning...


Nahh it's expired my friend, I can give you a referal link that will make it £2.50 for you if that helps?

Samba SIM (RRP £5) and a 100MB data bundle (worth £2) for just £1 with MSE code
Found 26th Nov 2013Found 26th Nov 2013
Samba SIM (RRP £5) and a 100MB data bundle (worth £2) for just £1 with MSE code Fill in your details & enter promo code 'MSE100' in the form on the web page. Your SIM will arr… Read more

hot voted


I personally think Samba is the way forward for mobile broadband. Ive had mine for about a year at least now, have about 9GB of rolling data a handful of ads a day whilst in front of the telly with phone on mute.....whats not to love....


Link to previous hot deal posted a couple of months ago

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1GB data £5 or 2GB £9 @ Samba mobile
Found 12th Nov 2013Found 12th Nov 2013
Samba mobile are doing a BOGOF offer at the moment, they use 3s network and is cheaper than 3 mobile which charge £10 for 1GB. Great if you are a PAYG mobile broadband user.

Excellent indoor 3 signal here But voted cold as all purchased credit expires after 30 days


Three has the best coverage of any provider. Old news mate! Get your facts right....


Only if you get a good three signal inside. So hardly anyone then.


I use mine at £15 per month for all calls, all texts, all mobile and home broadband. Maybe those people could consider getting rid of their home broadband and mobile contracts in place of this £15 One Plan deal. I did and saved over £50 per month.


Because people don't want to pay £15 a month?

Samba SIM (RRP £5) and a 100MB data bundle (worth £2) for just £1 with MSE
Found 5th Sep 2013Found 5th Sep 2013
Simple process... Fill in your details & enter promo code 'MSE100' in the form on the web page Your SIM will arrive within 5 working days and your 100MB data bundle will appear… Read more
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The last few weeks I've been getting LOADS of ads, I can barely keep up. I've logged in 3 times today approx 3-4 hours apart and had a full grid plus extras to view.


View: Thanks to Samba's double data allowance, I've earned best part of 1GB in just 6 visits this month, not bad, not bad Month: Total 988.50 MB 09 September 125.50 MB 22 September 55.50 MB 23 September 136.00 MB 28 September 136.50 MB 29 September 255.50 MB 30 September 279.50 MB


Double data from 1pm today!


That's a lot of credit you have that you didn't even know about :) Probably about 2-3 days 13.9gb now for me, I don't use it much! I watch ads for nectar points too, you only get about 100 nectar points a week but it all adds up.


Thanks, never knew that, just found out I have 4.8gb wounder how long it will take me to get 5GB ???

Samba Mobile SIM & 1GB data for £6.00 (normal price £12.50)
Found 11th Jul 2013Found 11th Jul 2013
Get a Samba Mobile data SIM or Micro-SIM for a dongle, 3G tablet or smartphone + 1GB data* for just £6.00 (normal price £12.50). To get the deal, enter promo code MSE6 when placin… Read more


can these be used in ps vita


Good advice Pal:{


It's for new customers but you could always sign up with a new email address. Only works in the UK.


Samba is free

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Samba Mobile SIM & 500MB data for £2.50
Found 22nd May 2013Found 22nd May 2013
Get a SIM or micro-SIM + 500MB data for just £2.50. Samba offers free mobile broadband for laptops and 3G tablets in exchange for watching video ads. You choose what to watch and… Read more


ioscorpio, that looks like a really great deal for low usage users: 150 minutes, 200 texts and 500MB of data all for zero a month. In fact it's got better allowances than my £10.50 contract with T-mobile. You should do it as a separate deal.


Eh? The point is that you don't get 500MB straight away, as the headline suggests. You have to watch 125MB worth of ads before getting a one-off 375MB top-up. It is spelled out in the description, but the headline is misleading.


No....Ads do not come out of your allowance.


So you're really only getting 375MB "for nothing".

Samba Mobile Student Promotion - £1.00 for a MicroSim and only £20.00 for a USB Mobile Broadband Dongle
Found 9th May 2013Found 9th May 2013
This offer gives you a USB Broadband Dongle + Sim Card for only £20.00, You can use this to browse the internet and download files on your laptop or desktop PC. If you prefer a Mic… Read more

For the casual user (i.e. needing data whilst out and about of maybe in a hotel) Samba is fantastic value. I've been using it for about a year now in my iPad 3 and have never paid for any data. I use either my laptop (there's a Chrome "extension" for Samba) or Safari on the iPad to play the ads when I'm watching TV so it almost silently builds up credit. Another network I use is Ovivo ( where you get 500meg/month for nothing every month. If you need more, it's £5 for 1gig/month which is brilliant. I use the alternate between the free and paid data as and when I need more than the free 500meg - the beauty being you can just keep the SIM in a MiFi device and it's there when you need it.


Pigging hell. Just joined but when I ordered the dongle the page jumped and they have'nt got my address so they don't know where to send the dongle! Sent a messgae (wait 48hrs for a reply) Hope their customer service is good.


Do you get charged if you overrun your limit?


I don't have a spam folder, never needed one. Strange it, when I tried it before it asked me to login and then said the email address/account didn't exist. Now saying successful. Result, thanks


Yea for a quid it might be worth just creating a new account :p

Samba Mobile - Double Data Live until end of Thursday 28th February
Found 28th Feb 2013Found 28th Feb 2013
I know this isn't really a deal so sorry if some people find it annoying. Just thought I'd share. Samba are giving their users double data today for each ad you watch (7mb instead… Read more


Thanks, I did get the auto reply straight to my inbox but nothing since. I don't have spam rules setup so my spam folder is empty. I have managed to create another account with the same credentials so it looks like my account has been deleted for some reason. That still leaves me leaves me with a dead sim.


Worth checking your junk folder. I emailed them once and found their reply marked as spam.


The service works great for me - never had a shortage of ads to watch on my laptop but I can see there are fewer on my iPad. But as the guy above says this is due to Apple not supporting Flash player. I've been with them since last summer and have probably saved about £100 in that time so can't complain.


Still working out at 1G of data per month except Jan when it took a dive and I think that's not bad as 3 had great data here I'm sitting the school carpark using my iPad with my samba data to access this so I am quite happy with the deal

Free mobile internet data for watching ads, for just £1 Sim card! using codes MSE1 or EX1
LocalLocalFound 7th Feb 2013Found 7th Feb 2013
By purchasing the simm card using one of the codes MSE1 or EX1 for just £1. Then all you have to do is watch ads to get free mobile data. You can also get a dongle and a sim for £2… Read more
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Find it useful for the occational times I connect the tablet away from Wifi source. Advantage over the prepaid sims is that the credit does not expire after 3 months if its not used. When browsing just have a tab open playing the ads in the background. You don't even have to watch the ads that way as the browser can be minimised.




I would like to think that a few hour of my life are worth more than £5. But still codes give 4 pounds off, hot!


They are giving you free mobile internet to watch ads!


Been posted many times in different forms. Don't think its worth even the £1.. now if they pay me to watch the adverts and gave free internet then i would order .. ;-)

'Free' mobile broadband' with £1 Sim from Samba Mobile
Found 6th Feb 2013Found 6th Feb 2013 has an offer, using a code to get a £5 Sim for £1 that you can earn free credit by watching a few ads How does it work? You pay a one-off cost for a Sim card… Read more
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Double Data day is now on, for 24 hours... Got to say the service is even worse than normal now, mayb the servers can't cope, but Chrome isn't working at all, and VERY slow on Firefox, other such reports on Facebook... Think I will give up on this now, got 1.2 gb in 20 days, only good if you have the time, patience, etc. Shame, as if it offered 50-100mb a day, as it did the first few days, regularly, and with decent servers, it could have been great


Ads have picked up again last couple of days, got 100mb today, so reached 1gb in 15 days, not bad


Tried using it on my fairly standard sony Ericsson xperia to create a portable wifi hotspot, even tried usb tethering but just doesn't seem to work. The signal is picked up by my laptop but no internet access. Works fine using my normal O2 sim. Ah well, only cost a pound, 3g dongles still seem a little expensive, can't find anything £10 or under as its something I will rarely use.


Ps I am tempted just to stick with getting a 3 three month sim, if this samba does not pick up, now I have my cutter. Only £10 approx for 90 days Internet (3G ), no contract, no messing about,


Turned up today, though it did take a while.

free broadband for £2.50  for a sim or £22.50 for dongle and sim @ Samba
Found 1st Feb 2013Found 1st Feb 2013
Get free mobile broadband for life. Only £2.50 for a sim or £22.50 for dongle and sim! Through this link only (otherwise £5/£25). No other fees atall. This is just a one-off! .
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The EX1 code just worked for me, to get a Samba Mobile sim for £1


Only if they can build up the credit on wifi first . It doesn't quite work if it is the only way you have to access the internet. The ads themselves use up the data you are earning.


"I have just noticed the counter on the top of Sambas homepage. ad views vs mb. At the time of looking it said 3432822 ad views,9345085mb earned. At 3.5mb per ad this equals 2669792mb missing. 22% of ads watched are not crediting according to the information shown. This is a bad fail percentage. People are watching ads and there are many fails which samba are getting paid for but its customers are not." This is a quote from sambas own support forum.


Anyone know if it works with tethering? I know it's not designed to make calls, but as I have a Galaxy S lying around, could set that up as a access point, would only be looking for this as a backup to my existing broadband. mike


Just leave it running and you can make a coffee while you are away

USB Mobile Broadband Dongle £20.00 or Broadband MicroSIM £1.00 - Samba Mobile Broadband Including Free Internet For Life
Found 15th Dec 2012Found 15th Dec 2012
This offer gives you a USB Broadband Dongle + Sim Card for only £20.00, You can use this to browse the internet and download files on your laptop or desktop PC. If you prefer a Mic… Read more

Same for me but refused to let me create account as my email address had already been used - and that was during the purchase process. Contacted them they let me reset password but it still wouldn't let me into account. Got a refund


That's odd, I have just made my purchase via the get deal link and the last step of the whole process was to create the account. I didn't have any issues. Have you tried to contact them to clarify?


This link takes you to the wrong page as you have to set up an account BEFORE you purchase the dongle and sim. I purchased the dongle and sim then when I went to set up an account it wouldn't let me as it says my email address is taken, so i can't set up an account with the email address I used on purchasing, so I assume that's the one the sim will be linked to. what a sodding mess this has turned out to be!


Code is still working. Thanks OP


It depends what your downloading in those couple of hours, can you explain a bit more? You get 3.5MB of data per ad that you watch.

Samba Mobile Broadband sim card for only £1.00, USB dongle for £20.00 - Its Back, the offer is back on!
Found 21st Nov 2012Found 21st Nov 2012
Samba Mobile offer free mobile broadband using the three network in the UK, users watch advertisements in return for data credit which can be used on your iPad or laptop to browse … Read more

Surely the orange £1 sim is better no? Unlimited internet (for browsing) for 12 months...


i do UW as well, Spamming your link like that can result in your account with UWclub been terminated please do not do it (you been warned) @others the Smabamobile should be interesting (indoor coverage is bit poor with Three in places but outdoor is norm ok for what i want to use the Sims for) i just used the EHU11 code on my Samba account that i setup 3 days ago just waiting on the sims (it seems to have worked, even thought the email sent to me had £25 from samba but £20 from paypal email), i got an ovivomobile Sim as well see witch one works best for the tasks i want to use the sims for (probably ovivomobile as i only need 2g+coverage is practically every where on Vodafone) i thank this site for showing the promo code as well (£22 vs £35 is good deal for 3 sims + dongle )


Yes. please report as SPAM :)


Look more like spam message


This really has nothing to do with Free Mobile Internet though does it?

Samba Mobile Broadband sim card for only £1.00, USB dongle for £20.00 - Free mobile broandband for life
Found 13th Nov 2012Found 13th Nov 2012
Samba Mobile offer free mobile broadband using the three network in the UK, users watch advertisements in return for data credit which can be used on your iPad or laptop to browse … Read more

some of the ads have an Get Samba Credit button (that does expire if you do not click on it) so at least they know they are getting the audio for some of them (most allow the sound to be muted thought, that option to mute should be disabled) funny there billing system is as its still based on 17% vat when it emails you, and the £20 dongle is sent as me paying for an £25 one (paypal was £20) think the VAT is incorrect on that as well not got me sims yet and i am nearly at 300MB (i only need about 10mb an month for the tasks i am wanting to use the sims for) but i would prefer to use ovivomobile as i can use 2g only for the tasks i need to use(battery life is far better under 2g), as it uses vodaphone that seems to have best 2g coverage that compares to o2 as well downside with ovivomobile is it would be £10 persim, and not sure how the free monthly stuff works (is there prerequests like making chargeable calls or topup after so many months) downside with Sambamobile is it uses Three network (50% indoor coverage) and 3g only so worse battery life and no 2g data network to fall back onto (watching the ads is really none issue) promo code still works at the time of posting (nice site this is)


Are you clicking on the green box underneath the ad once it has finished? It says Get Your Samba Credit.


i have a few problem with it i watch a lot of adds but i don't get credit for watching them. They paid me only for 3out od 15 WTF?? Any one has the same problem??


I'm sure you'll enjoy it


interesting one just ordered one must give it a go ;) Thanks

Free mobile internet with Samba mobile with regular or micro sim for only £1
Found 26th Oct 2012Found 26th Oct 2012
There have been a few deals on here for Samba mobile. I haven't signed up before, but this offer seems like it is worth a punt. Normally the sim cards are £5 each, but by using the… Read more
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Fortunately there is zero possibility of my friends/colleagues phoning my dongle because much to their frustration and even after multiple requests, I flatly refuse to provide the dongle's number to them.


To be fair i have had contact now, and have bothered to get back to me. Was sent to wrong address. Which i can imagine i might have done for some reason


Ive paid them the money a few days ago, and nothink has come in the post. Slightly annoyed to tell the truth. They are crap at replying back to emails as well


Be careful with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) like Samba, Lebara, etc as you wont be popular with your friends/colleagues on MNO networks like EE/Vodafone/O2 as theyll get hammered on call charges. Some will class you as a Roamer!


Email I received yesterday said offer was to 29th October

Get a Samba SIM for £2 (normal price £5) and get Free Mobile Broadband for life.
Found 17th Oct 2012Found 17th Oct 2012
Samba provide a free mobile broadband service across the UK using the 3 network. Until midnight tomorrow (18th October) you can get a SIM or micro-SIM for just £2 (normal price £5… Read more


i have one its bril. As to how long this company will last who knows


Ordered. Thanks for sharing.


Not worth the hassle IMO. Each advert gets you only a few MB, plus around 50% of the adverts don't load ("no longer available") so you have to do double the amount of clicking. Took me around half an hour to earn 100MB. Fine for when you're unexpectedly away from WiFi but when it's gone I'll just pay to top up.


I've used samba for quite a few months I watch all the adds on offer and have clicked up quite a few G's of data for when I won't be in a wifi area. Certainly worth the money in my view.

Join Samba Free Mobile Broadband for just £1 (Offer Extended)  @ Samba Mobile Broadband
Found 30th Sep 2012Found 30th Sep 2012
Samba provide a free mobile broadband service across the UK, piggybacking off of the 3 network. Until tomorrow, you can get a joining pack (includes sim card) for just £1, worth £… Read more
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exactly, this is the same subliminal effect as a billboard on a wall or roadside, no one has to look at them but they work. Just clicking on the advertiser's icon is already the same as glancing a billboard and plus an acknowledgement.


Even if you don't watch the adverts that ad wall is still a great way to boost brand recognition. I can only assume that if they're not making money from this business model it's because they're being undervalued by the firms that use them. Who can't name at least 9 of the brands from that page off the top of their head?


Yes I have the same problem. I just run one while surfing then come back to it to start another. It still plays and credits the account. If they activate a "Claim Credit" for 30 seconds after the ad is finished I would be stuffed!


They've really clamped down now. Not able to start adverts in multiple tabs. :(


Adverts have started to dry up over the last few days, <30-50MB/day now. They seem to have just added new adverts today (Nike, Trainline etc) but can only be viewed once.

Samba mobile dongle £25
Found 9th Jul 2012Found 9th Jul 2012
The Samba mobile broadband dongle has arrived. Just pay £25 for the dongle which includes the sim card and never pay for mobile broadband again. I know the Samba sim card deal is f… Read more
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Impression I had was that few low cost contracts include tethering. VM seems to allow it, Three permits it only on their One Plan (starting at 25 quid a month), and perhaps iPhone users get it (again on a 25+/month contract).


i just ordered the full 3 lot of sims from sambamobile as long as there is coverage should be intresting i also got one of these as well -vivomobile as i did not really get it completely when i first read it (free sim small fata text and calls orange always allow tethering on contract (so you can Rack up an Stupid bill with there silly low data limits), PAYG orange i guess you can't T-mobile say you can't tether but they never enforce the rule (do not need to really with 500mb High speed limit {2g speeds for the renaming month)+ the constant traffic shaping as well) Three is really unlimited data Up To An Point as they started to traffic manage users who abuse the unlimited data to much (constant torrenting or overkill constant downloading) the trigger depends on how much Load is the the Mast before the heavy users get shaped


most mobile providers dont allow tethering from a smart phone. The only one I know you can this is three. Deffo cannot with T-mobile and orange!


these are good..ive no issues with mine.


have been using this for a while now, it works ok , but really only any good for very light users