Sample of Anna Sui Magic Romance fragrance

Sample of Anna Sui Magic Romance fragrance

Found 6th Dec 2006
Sample of Anna Sui Magic Romance fragrance


Muchos Grathias...........

thanks for this BlueSky

Thank youuuuu! :santa:

Thanks for this, wife loves these little surprises. Rep left

thanks....mum loves anna sui stuff!

I keep trying to order this but when I click continue after putting my address in it comes up with a box that says undefined!!!

Any idea anyone?

Yes I keep getting 'undefined' too!!!

Thanks worked for me.

Didn't get the 'undefined' message.

Thanks OP.... All voted and rep left.

Thanks, just ordered mine

I've just tried it again on both Firefox2 and IE6 but still getting the 'undefined' error!!! What browsers do you guys use to order yours???

i just used ff works ok for me! thankyou :thumbsup:

sample requested, thanks

Thanks for this,now sit back and wait. :thumbsup:

Ordered Mine. Ty.

cant get mine get redefined

worked fine for me thanks :thumbsup:

I get that 'undefined' message as well.


im still waiting for my last sample:x

Has been posted before and I signed up for it - had nothing yet.

Tried again nowand I also get the undefined message - maybe because I have already ordered???

I tried to get a sample last time and it wouldn't 'have' it then, same again this time for me. :x

still waitin for this one.
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