Sample of compeed cold sore patch
Sample of compeed cold sore patch

Sample of compeed cold sore patch


It may sound like a good deal, but I've tried for this twice now and never recieved anything. Thats the reason I'm voting cold.

I've filled out the form, quick and easy to do. I've tried these and can't recommend them highly enough to help make a coldsore heal more quickly with less discomfort. Voted hot.

Worth a try Thank. Voted Hot

Thanks, registered. Hope it comes through. Added H&R.

Thanks, heat added.

thaks, voted hot

Do these patches work?

Unfortunately i am a cold sore sufferer - so thanks for this - voted hot :-D

Hiya, I have used these and they definitely work for me. Like all cold sore treatments they work best if used early, ie when you feel the first signs of one starting. They keep the area from drying out and stop you touching it. Since the cold sore doesn't dry out and have the opportunity to crack it heals much better and with no scarring and I have noticed that the time it takes to get rid of a cold sore is reduced by 2-3 days. The patches are clear matt plastic which isn't hugely noticable when you have one on your lip. Be warned they are pretty sticky - this is a real advantage as they stay put (though when you eat at meal times they can start to come undone) but if you try to pull off a freshly placed one it pulls on the skin a fair bit (just as elastoplast does when you are pulling it off). Hope this is helpful.

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