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Samson G-Track Pro - Professional USB Microphone with Audio - £107.99 @ Amazon
74° Expired

Samson G-Track Pro - Professional USB Microphone with Audio - £107.99 @ Amazon

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74° Expired
Samson G-Track Pro - Professional USB Microphone with Audio - £107.99 @ Amazon
Posted 5th Jun 2021

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

I've had this mic in my wishlist for over a year now, and it's usually floated around the £140-£170 mark. Today, I noticed it has officially dropped to it's second-ever lowest price (according to camelcamelcamel).

I've heard some great things about this mic and it is very sturdy and can capture at very high bitrates.

However, like with all microphones, the recording environment is mightier than the mic, and that is especially true as this is a very sensitive condenser microphone. This means that it is FAR more sensitive to background noises or to your voice making it back into the mic.

If you want to stream for gaming (or use a keyboard while chatting for example), then a dynamic microphone would like be a better choice for you as it is, by default, less sensitive to external noises making it back to the mic.

For music recording, podcasts, audiobook narration (on a budget), video voice-overs, etc. Then it's definitely worth looking at if you value USB's "plug-n-play" benefits over the modular, upgradable, approach that an XLR mic and dedicated audio interface offer.

Note: Amazon also offered me monthly payments for it.

Hope this helps someone.

Official marketing text below:

The G-Track Pro is a USB microphone designed to provide the high audio quality to podcasters, streamers, singer/songwriters and content creators. The dual 25 mm condenser capsules capture all the detail and nuance of your voice elevating the quality of your recording, live stream or broadcast. The G-Track Pro combines 24-bit, 96kHz digital recording resolution with the flexibility of three mic pickup pattens and a 6,3 mm audio input for professional sounding recordings, no matter the application.

All-in-one professional USB microphone with audio interface,
Dual 25 mm condenser capsules,
Cardioid, bidirectional and omnidirectional pickup patterns,
24-bit, 96kHz resolution,
6,3 mm instrument input for connecting guitars or line level devices,
3,5 mm stereo headphone output for zero-latency monitoring.

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