Samsonite Guardit Laptop Backpack £28 @ Amazon

Samsonite Guardit Laptop Backpack £28 @ Amazon

Found 3rd Oct 2016
Not a bad price for a well rated laptop bag.... Average price over the year has been £34.32 and this is its lowest price.

- GuardIT is the perfect answer for all value conscious laptop users in search of a professional look. Featuring a rich looking exterior, made of a polyester mix, elegant logo detail and red accents in combination with must have functionality.

- 2 year Samsonite limited warranty

- All backpacks feature a soft touch pocket for media player, sunglasses, etc

- Front pocket with business organisation

- Can also accommodate a tablet up to 10.1".
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Already bought one. Like it. Does the job for me. Heat
Quality seems poor from the reviews

Quality seems poor from the reviews

4.5 Starts out of 5 isn't good enough for you???
I've been looking at quite a few laptop backpacks recently including this one.

Bag isn't bad but there's a bit of a shortage of internal zipped pockets for separating keys, change, phone etc. A decent bag for £28 but do consider others as they offer different/more functionality at the same/higher pricepoint levels:-

Caselogic 16" DLBP116 (there's also a 14" version) - £30…ttl
Nice price, good size, but I prefer 3 separate internal sections rather than just 2.

Wenger Gigabyte 15" - £40
Good high quality bag. Relatively heavy thiough even when empty.…tml

Case Logic 15.6" BEBP215 - £50
Biggest and best backpack here. 3 compartments, good functionality and quality, lots of pockets etc. Only downer is that £49 price (it was around the £40 mark at the start of last year:…VW4 )…ttl
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Wanted to get the £50 Caselogic but I think I'm going to order the Samsonite bag even if there some negative reviews about the bag splitting:…r=1

Amazon will have a 12 month guarantee on this won't they?

There's also a smaller 14" version of that Samsonite bag for £26. Anyone know if its any different other than the size?…c=1

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Thanks for sharing. Just ordered one for my son to use as school bag... can always return if not big enough as it is delivered by Amazon direct... heat added X)…1-6

I use this one when travelling, great because it doesn't take up much space. Paid around £26 for it last year.
CM52MUZ use this one when travelling, great because it doesn't take up much space. Paid around £26 for it last year.

Looks very similar to the Wenger Fuse (which has a couple of extra exterior pockets).…7_3

Both look like good bags, though slimmer in depth than most laptop backpacks (it says it's only 14cm deep in the Amazon product dimensions)

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I walked pass quite a few wenger rucksacks in TKMAXX, but they are way too heavy to wear every day
Got the Samsonite backpack in the post today. Nice enough backpack but I'd definitely describe as a "compact" backpack rather than one where you can stash alot of gear. It's quite short in terms of depth (unlike say the Caselogic backpack) and doesn't expand. You can get a ring binder in it, but you'll have a problem with a lever arch file. In the laptop section, I can squeeze in a 15.6" and a 11.6" laptop. You're going to struggle if you want to stick a pair of trainers and change of clothes in it in addition to a load of A4 documents for instance. Overall, I like it but do be aware this is a "compact" backpack due to the depth of ~14cm. Good if you're looking for something small, light and non-bulky though.
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Also forgot to say that the padding at the base of the bag really isn't thick enough to protect the laptop if the bag were to survive a vertical drop. Add your own extra padding if required. The bag is more about transporting the laptop rather than outright protection.
Having regularly used this bag for over a week now, I'd say it's okay but not necessarily great. It's definitely "compact" - a bit too much so in my opinion. They could have easily increased the depth of it without making it too bulky - it's unnecessarily slim IMO. The other thing that really annoys me is that the fact it doesn't stand up by itself. I find myself having to constantly prop it against something to stop it falling over. You can't just put it down and expect it to stand up. It's annoying when you're standing on a train platform etc and have to prop it against your legs...

Overall, I'd give it 3/5. It's okay but there are definitely better more usable laptop backpacks out there.

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