Samsung 19" hd tv Refurb £149.97 @ DirectTVs

Samsung 19" hd tv Refurb £149.97 @ DirectTVs


links dead

You forgot to mention it's a refurb.

Good price though... I think..

That's one ugly tv.

Think it's got an analogue tuner, **** if you live in Whitehaven !!!

Ditto freeDUMB

Mine went back to ebuyer. The builtin analgoue tuner is very very poor - you should use this screen primarily as a monitor.

I have this TV and for the price I think its very good. It has all of the required inputs dvi with hdcp and componet vaga and a scart.

Does 720P very nicely. Also unlike TV's I dont know how the refurb warranty works but with this because its classed by Samsung as a monitor you get 3 years warranty.
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