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Samsung The Frame TV 32 Inch QE32LS03TCUXXU Smart FHD HDR QLED TV - £261.75 Free Click & Collect @ Argos

£261.75£34925% off
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About this product
Enhance your living space with The Frame customisable QLED TV with Art Mode, from Samsung. Never miss a detail with Full HD resolution, 100% colour volume, and HDR. The Frame is an incredible TV when it's on, and can display curated artwork or photographs using Art Mode when it's not. This Smart TV is powered by Tizen so you can discover a huge collection of films, TV shows, and all your catch-up TV apps.

The Frame will blend beautifully into your home. There are over 1,400 stunning works of art available in the Art Store (subscription required), and interchangeable coloured bezels (sold separately) to suit your mood. A slim fit wall-mount, and near-invisible cable complement the design and come supplied in the box.

Samsung TV Plus provides instant access to loads of extra free TV channels, straight out of the box (all you need is an internet connection). There are movies, entertainment, sports, news and children's channels. No need for sign-ups, subscriptions or credit cards – it's 100% free.

Model number: QE32LS03TCUXXU.

2020 model.

Dimensions and Weight

  • Screen size: 32 inches.
  • Size of TV H41.94, W72.89, D2.47cm.
  • Size of TV with stand: H45.2, W72.89, D14.3cm.
  • Width of TV stand 59.12cm.
  • Weight of TV without stand 5.3kg (unpackaged).
  • Weight of TV with stand 5.4kg.
  • Suitable for wall mounting .
  • Packaged size H51.3, W81.5, D12.2cm.
  • Packaged weight 7.9kg.

Screen Technology
  • QLED TV Screen.
  • Full HD (1080p) display resolution.
  • Micro dimming technology improves the contrast by dimming individual sections of the TV screen.
  • HDR - makes whites brighter, intensifies colour and enhances the overall picture for an epic cinematic effect.
  • Motion rate 1000PQI.
  • 1080 pixels.

Sound Technology
  • Dolby Digital Plus sound system.
  • 20 watt RMS power output.

  • 2 USB ports and 2 HDMI sockets.
  • Optical connection.
  • Built in Wi-Fi.
  • Bluetooth.
  • DLNA compatibility - allows you to wirelessly send content from devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Smart TV features

  • Voice control - built in Amazon Alexa, works with Google assistant, built in Bixby, .
  • Tizen operating system.
  • Compatible with the following smart apps: Now TV, disney+, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, My5, All 4, Amazon Prime, YouTube.
  • Internet browser.
  • Miracast.

Additional features
  • Features USB media playback.
  • TVPlus digital tuner.
  • Saorview digital tuner (Saorview can only be received in the Republic of Ireland).
  • Quantum processor lite processor.
  • CI plus slot.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Manufacturer's 1 year guarantee.
  • EAN: 8806092090798.

Energy efficiency information:
  • Energy efficiency class: G.
  • Energy consumption per 1000h: 33kWh.
  • Energy consumption in high dynamic mode per 1000h: 55kWh.
  • Annual power consumption 72kWh.
  • Standby power consumption 0.5 watt.

In the box
  • TV.
  • Remote control (requires 2 x AAAbatteries, included).
  • Power cable.
  • TV stand.
  • Also in the box: No Gap Wall-mount Samsung Smart Control User Manual.

Argos More details at Argos

Community Updates
Claim a free bezel - https://2021.samsungpromotions.claims/bezeloffer2022/en-GB

Argos has this labelled as the 2020, but Samsung shifted the 32 into the 2021 range by renaming it on their website and didn’t change the product code.

Argos is a participating retailer.

The Product Code (QE32LS03TCUXXU) is on the eligible products list.
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    Amazon also shows this image as it comes with this as standard , dont see this image on argos? does anybody know this is correct info and i will get these included?

    The pic above is for the larger sets of the Frame. You get similar accessories with the 32 inch version, but there are some notable differences, some of which might make or break your buying decision. They were not a deal breaker for me, but that's because of my set-up. I have the 2022 version, but I believe the accessories and hardware are the same as for the 2020/2021 version (it gets labelled with both years on different sites). *Edit* As mentioned in another comment, I don't think the 2020/2021 version comes with the solar charging remote, like the 2022 version does. I also have the 2021 75 inch version, which does have the solar remote, hence my confusion.

    - The "One Near-Invisable Cable" isn't the same as for larger sets. The 32 inch version is actually a solid cable, which is light grey in colour and without the see-through outer sheath. It is similar in thickness to a standard electrical cable.

    - The One Connect box is much smaller in size for the 32 inch version. That's obviously a positive. However, the terrestrial aerial connection goes directly into the TV, so if you wish to view live TV in this way, you'll have 2 cables running to the TV. All connections go to the One Connect box on larger models.

    - the TV stands and slim fit wall mounts are not the same. The TV stands on the 32 inch model are a different shape and can also be stored in the back of the TV when not being used. They allow for the TV to be used in the conventional way (horizontally with no angle), leaning back at an angle (like an art frame) and even vertically. The wall mounts works great, but due to the smaller size and weight of the 32 inch model, they don't have the same hardware. It is essentially the 2 squares that you see in the pic, but these attach to the wall instead of the TV. The TV attaches to these using 2 screws with large heads. You also get a paper template to get the screw holes correct on the wall.

    Let me know if you have any questions. (edited)
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    Would like this TV bit want to mount on a wall with no unit or surface nearby. Is there a good way to mount the one connect box?
    We chased trunking into the brick wall to get a clean look, would be easier if you have plasterboard. Well worth the extra effort IMO.
    In our case, the box is in the loft (bungalow) but it could also go below in a cabinet.
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    Claim a free bezel - https://2021.samsungpromotions.claims/bezeloffer2022/en-GB

    It shows as eligible because Samsung sell this as the 2021.

    FYI, 2023 range has been announced. Details aren’t clear on whether they’re upgrading the 32” yet, or just rebranding the 2022 as the 2023 like they did with the 2020 - 2021.

    If they do make some changes, there might be some bargains coming up on the 2022 32” with the matte display.

    Great price for this anyway. (edited)
    Opps i just posted this , didnt know you found it first

    Great spot also
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    Great TV as it always intrigues people when they realise it’s not just a picture frame!

    You can also add a white bezel for £19.99 direct from Samsung with free delivery (other colours too but check price).

    The brown is also £10 at very (& delivery) for anyone interested

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    How does it actually rate as a tv?
    Very good, if a little sluggish in the menus. We have this little one with the white bezel in our kitchen with the cables trunked into the wall - looks superb and gets used daily for YouTube and other apps. Very smooth motion and decent sound.
  6. Avatar
    Anybody bothered by it being a “G” rated device on a scale of A-G or isn’t that an issue?
    Nope. According to my smart meter watching tv costs barely anything even be rated so "low"
  7. Avatar
    Great price, might wanna add in the title that this is a frame TV.
    Yeah, it's the 2021 Frame.
    Wish it was the 2022 model - the anti-glare coating makes it look a lot more like real picture.
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    I've had one of these for 15 months or so. Picture quality is pretty poor (HUGE amounts of bleed), interface is super slow and it keeps losing WiFi connection. As usual, Samsung support is rubbish so can't recommened, a word of warning for all considering the purchase. I wish i'd have bought a higher quality TV and mounted it normally. (edited)
    Trouble with these TVs... almost all TVs, in fact, is that they half-inch making it smart. A cheaper TV that's pure Sound & Vision and you plug in whatever smart device you need, everybody is better off. And if you think it works poorly now, come back in a few years. It's borderline electrical waste.
  9. Avatar
    Looks like you can claim a free bezel also via samsung


    **Sorry somebody beat me too it (edited)
  10. Avatar
    I don't understand why they make it QLED but not 4k?
    I think it’s to do with the size of the screen. It wouldn’t make much difference with it being only 32inch. Still a decent picture though.
  11. Avatar
    Can you mount the One connect box directly to the back of the TV if using the desk feet as a standalone?
    There isn't any designed or easy way to do this I'm afraid. You could maybe try putting the 2 wide head screws, intended for wall mounting, into each corner, then suspend the One Connect box from them somehow. I'm thinking a network of large cable ties (looped around the connect box, then up diagonally around the head of each screw).
  12. Avatar
    does it have hdmi port for amazon firestick? is it hidden away
    Two HDMI ports only and they are on the OneConnect box. So nothing on the TV itself apart from the OneConnect In port.
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    Good price, we have one in the bedroom but just saying that the apps are really sluggish! Fine for occasional use
    True, even on 2022 model. Slow processor
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    Netflix doesn't work on ours. Just says no connection it used to work. Other apps all work though. Use a Roku for netflix. Confirm with above it's very slow. But good picture.
  15. Avatar
    This could be helpful if you're unfortunate to forget to renew your TV license - if there's a knock at the door all that can be seen is a Constable hung up in your living room (edited)
  16. Avatar
    Anazing price thank you!
  17. Avatar
    Ordered. Collect on Tuesday
  18. Avatar
    Exactly what i wanted and need and price is good, ty OP
  19. Avatar
    Just bought this to add to my kitchen one in Farm House lighting (north orientation) Gr8 picture but can be a bit on dark side so careful adjust - try Dynamic and adjust settings to achieve best clarity etc. Viewing angles are not the best, especially in a kitchen worktop on stand where you look down on it unless seated......paid £263 in 09/22 with 5 year warranty. All said, HOT deal. Collecting Monday from Argos. One box stuffed at the rear of tele - it works fine - connected optically to spare SKY soundbox....... (edited)
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    Thanks, have been wanting one for ages for the bedroom due to wall size. I know its not all singing and dancing, and it has its flaws, but having it flat against the wall and clean looking is more important. Can send the other half to bed to watch love island is another benefit.
    picture and TV is good....you will not be disappointed....enjoy.Cannot speak for gaming as not bothered...
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    Does anyone with this model know if the OneBox has a built in Freesat tuner?

    I've got the 43" 2020 model and that does. But the internet is telling me conflicting information about the 32"...
    I can only talk about the 2022 One Connect box for the 32 inch, which I presume hasn't changed. The 2022 32 inch One Connect box does not have a satellite input. It has 2 x HMDI, 2 x USB, optical sound, power and the One Connect cable output.

    The TV itself has the terrestrial aerial input. I can't confirm if it has a satellite input I'm afraid, as I need to stop short of removing it from the wall.
  22. Avatar
    Does anybody happen to know if this would come with the required parts to wall Mount?

    I believe it’s not a VESA one so I couldn’t just replace the existing bedroom telly like for like, just wondered if I’d need to source a mount too.
    Yes. flush wall by Samsung
  23. Avatar
    Drat I tried not to buy anything this month...but there you go.
  24. Avatar
    Thanks OP
  25. Avatar
    Would this not get screen burn? I have a OLED tablet from Samsung S5E I think. Used it for CCTV and it got burn after a month or two.
    It's QLED not OLED. And it's working differently in a Frame mode, not like traditional TV. I love mine, bought it exactly 2 years ago, 95% in a Frame mode with power saving motion sensor on and occasionally watching TV on it, like 30 minutes a day. Can't see any fault so far and no screenburn as well.
  26. Avatar
    "The Product Code (QE32LS03TCUXXU) is on the eligible products list."

    What is it elegible for?
  27. Avatar
    How long is the cable from the box to the TV?
  28. Avatar
    Good price but I passed due to those dire Argos reviews on the laggy interface. Obviously can work around that with Amazon device etc.
    I think for the price, and the fact that you can use a AFTV, Google TV, or similar, still makes this a decent buy.