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Posted 7 October 2022

Samsung 2022 55" S95B QD OLED + £300 guaranteed trade in £1299 / £999 @ Samsung

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

£999 for the 55" Samsung S95B (with trade in of any old TV) on standard Samsung UK website

Or if you have access to the EPP site, it is now £1039.20 with no trade in.
I couldn't seem to find warranty info on the EPP page, but be warned that EPP usually has less warranty.

There has been a lot of deals recently around this TV, however Samsung themselves have now beaten the ones that are still available.
Some previous deals bringing it to £1099 are still on.
Marks Electricals deal of £1099 with a free soundbar (worth ~£250) has ended however.

Credit to @ssgeordie
I have just seen sswgeordie's thread suggesting you can get further discounts by asking them to price match another seller. And this potentially may price match the pre-trade in value. Though it doesn't seem to be guaranteed, so attempt this at your own risk.
Samsung More details at Samsung

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    Ewaste. This product is a train crash of a product. Lots of build quality issues, software a mess and no Dolby vision. Buy the lg G2 seriously, or if you can stomach the price the Sony a95k which is everything the Samsung should have been. It's no accident the price has crashed. No manufacturer discounts a cutting edge product unless it's a train wreck. Good products don't fall in price so heavly after launch. Samsung must be losing there brown stuff over these products.
    "No manufacturer discounts a cutting edge product unless it's a train wreck."
    Not necessarily. Samsung's yields on these sets have risen significantly in a short space of time which massively reduces their cost of production and increases the supply.

    At the end of last year the yield on making these panels was only 50% - i.e. half of the produced panels had to be disposed of and could not be used in a TV. This summer, the yield reached 85% - so only 1 in 7 panels cannot be used. Even if they do not manufacture any more panels now than they did last year, the number of usable panels that they can sell will have gone up by 70%. So on the supply side it is not surprising that the price they are selling at has fallen so quickly.

    Low yields was the reason Samsung pulled out of the large OLED TV market in 2013. Samsung beat LG in the race to create the first 55" OLED TV. in 2012 These first models were extremely expensive due to very low yields, with the models from both Samsung and LG selling at around £4,000. LG managed to get their yields up and prices down on their simpler to make WRGB OLED. Samsung could not do the same with their RGB OLED and pulled out. LG rapidly got the price of their 55" down to around £1,500.
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    I used the trade in and you can give them anything TV shaped. We had a tiny LCD screen and I got the full £300 off (edited)
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    Is this TV better than the LG C2?
    If you can live without Dolby Vision, the Samsung is definitely better.
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    I’ve had this a week now and the difference between this and my other Samsung is massive. Black is black, no bleed you can see on the older models. Bright, bright bright in mid afternoon
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    I would probably rather buy it from Richer Sounds with the 6 Yr warranty.

    Something I'm interested to know is just how much better is this than a Philips 55OLED856? Both are same price on RS. I really like the ambilight feature and have no interest in playing video games.
    QD oled is better in a brighter room.
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    I looked at this deal since have Panasonic HD 42 inch TV..I got mixed feelings..not sure is it worth the price to be honest with trading..any comments would help to
    Make decision..heat added
    well for its an upgrade in every single way vs an HD 42" TV

    colours and blacks are absolutely mind blowing

    its just a whole other experience watching content
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    It may come down to £850 looks like.
    Based on the pattern of TV prices last year and how little money people have to spend this year, I'd Hazard a guess that there is still wiggle room for a lot of TV models in this price bracket or there will be a lot of stock collecting dust!
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    Had this tv a few weeks and extremely impressed. One of the top 5 tvs at the moment, easily, but by far the cheapest of top end. Processing not as good as Sony but for less than half the price of the A95k is more than sufficient value. No dolby vision also a shame but this set goes bright enough to cover HDR10 so well you won't notice in most cases.
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    Get a price match with Richer Sounds (£1099) and do the TV trade-in. You can trade in *any* TV (well, I guess make sure it's some sort of LCD/plasma flat panel to be on the safe side, but even CRTs should be okay, the trade-in page says any condition), so any broken one on Gumtree/FB will do. Don't know how picky they are about the size matching up, as you have to choose whether it's less than 32", 32-49" or larger than 49" when buying the new TV.

    55" technically shows a 5-year warranty label on one of the images for that listing (doesn't show up on the 65"), so you could take a screenshot of this and use that to make sure you get the coverage.

    Made another comment in the other S95B discussion thread with full details. Well worth doing this for £799, which is practically guaranteed as long as you do document/screenshot their price match page/T&C, making sure to keep evidence of the TV trade in being allowed in conjunction with the price match (i.e. the TV trade in discount is not used as part of the Samsung Price against RS price), the S95B being included in the promotion, and RS being one of the selected retailers. If they do initially reject it, you can just copy/paste the link to the page or a screenshot of it, and the paste the t&c stating you can combine trade-in with price match. You can start the claim once you've ordered, although they won't process it further until the S95B is delivered and you can update the claim with the TV serial. I've already done this myself, although this was when RS lowered the price to £1289, and it's dropped further since then. Sooner you do it, the more likely it will succeed, they may well remove the S95B from the price match page at some point, who knows. (edited)
    If it was 100% guaranteed that you could get this TV for £799, that would be amazing, but realistically it does look like Samsung could try rejecting it saying you're using multiple offers, despite its T&Cs suggesting it is allowed. Also, the lack of a 5-6 year warranty isn't great (and trying to get Samsung to agree that it's included would probably be even more difficult)
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    £1579 for the 65" is also a good deal, although Richer Sounds has a free soundbar for £120 extra
    Yeah wait off a few weeks for black Friday, spoke to Samsung work member and says should be first week in November that prices drop more
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    Wat TVs can you actually sent Samsung for trade?do they take money of if it isn’t a good one?iv a few 42s and 32s about 5 years old that don’t get used
    Any TV I believe which Samsung will pick up so no hassle sending it, trade in the most worthless TV as it's a flat £300 anyway
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    Wouldn't be in a hurry to buy Samsung as the company's shares have dropped 40% as they struggle to shift new stock - could be further price drops coming.
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    New tech / no Dolby Vision / poor motion handling / weak gaming V LG OLED

    I wouldn't touch this TV with a bargepole.
    I think it comes with a remote.
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    It will be priced at £999 after the tv trade in, so you can't get a price promise as it's the cheapest price.
    the exact wording of the FAQ states

    • Participants who have used Trade-In in order to lower the actual price paid on their purchased Promotion Products are eligible to take part in the Promotion and receive a Refund equivalent to the difference between the respective advertised prices, i.e. the Trade in discount will not be taken into account. Where this is the case, the Trade In discount must be shown clearly on the applicable proof of purchase.

    So on paper it looks possible. But I personally am sceptical they will allow it, and its too soon to have seen anyone actually try it.
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    Richer sounds have this for £1099, so it's not amazing tbh. Also, RS do a mega warranty and will probably provide better customer service.
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    Might be even cheaper on Black Friday?
    Never mind might, it will
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    £1,039.20 via Extras, hopefully £899 black Friday
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    What is the warranty from Samsung on this?
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    Richer sounds 1100 with a 6 year warranty and no trade in hassle
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    They will take any TV - price match does exclude the trade in so you get that on top - Samsung customer service is awful and I had to fight tooth and nail to get my trade in as despite being advertised in multiple places and being confirmed on chat - the TV I bought wasn’t on their terms and conditions - in fact no 2022 tvs were on the trade in terms and conditions - when they do honour price match does come in pretty quickly / still waiting for my free s22 ultra though - again Samsung customer service is awful - check trustpilot - depends if you want the savings though as if it’s in their terms and conditions then they count the trade in separate so it will be the cheapest price significantly - I got a 65 qn700b and it is very good to be fair - the one connect box is great
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    Normally only 1 year warranty unless otherwise stated too right?
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    At last I've finally gone and upgraded from my Lg 43inch UJ635V to what looks like an excellent Tv I do hope that I'll notice a difference
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    £1,499 now. Was about to purchase.

    Edit: never mind, it's still £999 after trade in. Website went screwy and showed me the 65" price on the 55" model. (edited)
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    With the trade in option does the TV even have to work? If not guys remember not to dump them if at some point in the future they may come in useful for offers like this.
    it says on their website it can broken
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    For a grand this is a good tv. I saw it sitting next to a Sony Bravia xr-55a84 and although not as good still wipes the floor with anything older than a few years.
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    Hi everybody, I'm torn between this and the G2 and wondered if anybody could answer a couple of questions please?

    1. If my receiver supports DTS and I connect to this TV to the receiver via ARC with a firestick connected to the receiver, then will it still work as it would be bypassing the TVs audio anyway?

    2. If the firestick supports Dolby vision content, will this display correctly on this TV again going through a receiver and firestick?

    3. My receiver does not support HDMI 2.1 pass through, if I were to connect an Xbox series X to this TV directly and connect the audio to the receiver via optical connection would this produce 5.1 Dolby digital or would it be outputting stereo only.

    Thanks to anyone that can help me with my questions.
    This TV has 4 HDMI 2.1 ports and supports eARC.
    So the response that covers all 3 of these is why not stick the firestick and Xbox directly into the TV and plug in your audio via eARC? That would give you the best audio and visual
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    Richer Sounds bumped up their price. I put in my claim on the weekend but am awaiting delivery of the TV tomorrow. Technically it is within the 7 days but I'm not sure if they will try and reject it now
    I got a screenshot at the old price if that helps at all ha-ha
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    If the price match with the £1099 richer sounds price from over the weekend is rejected, will they at least take off £100 using this?

    Get 10% off this TV with code TVFLASH10*

    *Ends 12.10.22 at midnight. Use discount code at checkout to redeem. Not in conjunction with any other offer. While stocks last.
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    Looks to me that the price is now £1499
    Yep, they updated it. So with trade in and 10 percent off code it is more expensive than before without the code now! A few hours ago it was letting you checkout at £899 using the trade in and code (edited)
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    999 at 3 or 4 places now who is the best to buy from
    Where? I couldn't find it for less than £1,079 here: smithstv.co.uk/sam…tml

    Currys, Argos and many others are now £1,299
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    Do Samsung experience stores take student discount or allow TV trade ins? (edited)