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Posted 25 August 2023

Samsung 2023 QE65QN88CATXXU 65 Inch Neo QLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV 5 Yr Warranty + £200 Cashback (Instore Stock Only left Now)

£969.99£1,39931% off
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Amazing price at £769 for this 65" 2023 version NEO QLED, Think they've done a pricing error here and this should be the 55" price, as currently the 55" version of this is £310 more than the 65" version costco.co.uk/sea…n88

How to claim £200 cashback also if bought samsung.com/uk/…23/

Powered by Quantum Dot

See everything you watch come to life with greater detail and realism. Think of nature in even more wonderful shades. The sky is brighter, the grass is greener, and the details are clearer. Samsung's Quantum Dot-powered TVs transform light into lifelike and accurate colour – validated by Pantone. The result? A naturally bright and colourful picture in over a billion cinematic colours.

Quantum Matrix Technology

Picture a sunset glistening over the ocean, with hues of yellow and orange enveloping the sky. Samsung’s Neo QLED range uses Quantum Mini LEDs – lights that are approximately the size of a grain of sand. They are precisely controlled to create deep blacks, boosted brightness levels, and intense detail and contrast in every aspect of the picture.

Neural Quantum Processor 4K

Think of the processor as the brain of the TV, and this is our most intelligent 4K processor yet. Using AI and 20 neural networks, it optimises the sound and picture to unleash the full power of 4K. Learning scene-by-scene, it automatically optimises the brightness, amplifies the contrast, enhances objects, clarifies voices over background noise and upscales the resolution to incredible 4K picture quality, regardless of how it was filmed.

Dolby Atmos®

Dolby Atmos technology delivers a sound experience that you can feel all around you. It works with the TVs 6 built-in speakers to create an incredibly immersive and realistic impression of sound. When a helicopter flies overhead in your favourite blockbuster, it feels like it is actually flying over you. Add a Samsung Dolby Atmos soundbar to truly feel like you are in the cinema.

Neo Quantum HDR

Discover the true beauty of every scene – just as the creators intended. HDR is the range from the lightest to the darkest areas of the image, and the wider the range the more lifelike the image. Neo Quantum HDR brings rich blacks, bright lights and deep contrast, so every image is displayed in true-to-life quality.

Sleek Design

Perfect the minimalist look with a super slim and ultra-stylish TV. From the middle of the sofa to the armchair in the corner, your Neo QLED TV has been delicately crafted to look beautiful from any angle.

Object Tracking Sound

An immersive TV sound experience that puts you in the heart of the action. Your TV uses its 6 built-in speakers - including up-firing speakers - to make the sound follow the action on screen. Hear a car zoom along your screen, the crowd cheer all around you, or the dialogue come from where the character is standing.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo Plus

Get ready to perform at your peak. From those high-octane car races to that thrilling dungeon chase, bring the best out of next-gen graphics on Samsung Neo QLED. Neo QLED 4K TV and HDMI 2.1* work in perfect synergy with next-gen consoles to deliver ultra-high 120Hz TV refresh rates and ultra-low input lag. It cuts out the blur between fast-paced images, so you'll experience ultra-smooth, lightning quick, immersive 4K gaming. See epic moments in game-changing detail.

Gaming Hub

Samsung Gaming Hub brings together the biggest console and streaming games from Xbox and other industry-leading partners, all in on one place.* With no downloads, storage limits or console required,** just turn on your TV and play.

Smart TV powered by Tizen

With the best-selling Samsung Smart TV*, it’s never been easier to enjoy TV. Dive into a huge collection of 4K films, TV shows, and all your catch-up TV apps – including Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, NOW TV and BT Sport apps** – all in one place. Not sure what to watch? Our easy-to-use and customisable Smart Hub platform gives you tailored recommendations.
*Samsung TV has been ranked No.1 selling TV Brand for 16 consecutive years by Omdia.
** Subscriptions required. Some apps may not be available at launch. 3rd party content providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop updating them at any time.

4K AI Upscaling (Multi Intelligence)

From the nightly news to that classic movie, our most powerful processor yet upscales the resolution of everything you watch to stunning 4K Ultra HD quality – even if it wasn't filmed that way. Combining 20 multi-layer neural networks, this TV is able to analyse images and cleverly tailor the restoration of every detail, pixel by pixel.

Wide Viewing Angle

Make every seat a great seat. You'll enjoy the brilliant picture even when you're not directly in front of the TV.

AI Sound (SpaceFit Sound, AVA, Adaptive Sound+)

Using AI, your TV optimises the sound for what you are watching and where you are watching it. It automatically tailors the sound to your space; clarifies voices over background noise; and adapts the sound to match the type of content you are watching. You'll hear every last detail.

Samsung Health

Elevate your home workout experience with Samsung Smart TV. The Samsung Health app lets you enjoy free premium classes, start new wellness routines and even get the whole household moving with family challenges – all from the comfort of your home. Get free access to over 3,000 hours of health and fitness content from partners including EvolveYou, Calm, Fitplan, Echelon and Jillian Michaels Fitness, Obé, Barre3 and Brooke Burke Body. Plus, the Smart Trainer* feature will help you master your workouts and track your stats for a healthier life.

Samsung TV Plus

Watch 1000s of TV shows and movies, all for free, anytime, anywhere you want with Samsung TV Plus. Get instant access to live and on demand entertainment like The Jamie Oliver Channel and American Idol only on Samsung. Stream the latest news on CNN and catch-up on kids shows, sports highlights and more with no strings attached.

FreeSync Premium Pro

AMD FreeSync Premium Pro works with your next gen console to give you an exceptional gaming experience: combining reduced screen tearing and stuttering with exceptional High Dynamic Range (HDR) visuals*. Watch your games come to life in spectacular colour and detail - just like the creators intended. Unleash the true power of your next gen console and game on for as long you like with no Screen Burn worries – guaranteed**.

Smart Calibration (with SmartThings)

Use the camera on your smartphone with the Samsung SmartThings app to unlock easy TV colour calibration, for cinema-like picture quality in seconds.*

Multi View

Never miss another moment. With Multi View, you can play your mobile content alongside the TV, all at once, on the same screen. Simply pair your smartphone to your TV with screen mirroring to split the big TV screen *. Handy if you want to keep an eye on the football score whilst watching a movie.

Tap View

Casting and screen mirroring have never been easier. Turn on NFC on your phone* and tap it against the edge of the TV. Now stand back and watch your mobile content on the big screen. Yes, it's really that simple.

Boundless Screen

Gone are the days of a thick black border around your screen. The near bezel-less screen leaves you with less frame and more picture, for a more immersive experience. Plus, hide TV wires from sight and keep them tidy with the easy clean cable management solution.

Samsung Q-Symphony

Heighten your viewing experience with the benefit of great sound quality delivered from both the TV speakers and soundbar, at the same time. Get the audio experience your Samsung TV deserves.

Multiple Voice Assistants

Control your TV with your favourite Voice Assistant - with Bixby and Alexa built-in to your TV. Ask them to change the volume, find that new series, bring up your holiday photos, or check on your connected devices in your smart home. The possibilities are endless – you just need to ask.

Super Ultrawide GameView

Get the ultimate gaming TV setup. Play at wide 21:9 and ultrawide 32:9 aspect ratios and see more of your surroundings at once. Plus, the advanced Game Bar* lets you quickly optimise your gameplay—whether that’s switching aspect ratios, checking input lag, activating virtual aim point or minimap zoom.

Slim Fit Wall-Mount

Keep your style and your view on point. Effortlessly mount your TV near-flush against the wall using the Slim Fit TV Wall-Mount**. Then let it blend beautifully with your home.

Solar Cell One Remote

Replace the clutter of remotes with a SolarCell One Remote. Consciously crafted, the universal remote can control all of your compatible devices. It charges on indoor light and keeps its charge from Radio-Frequency power harvesting, so you don't need any disposable batteries.

Video Call Apps

Run all your video calls through your Samsung Smart TV*. Whether you're working from home or keeping contact with your loved ones, it's never been easier to connect and stay in touch – all from the big screen using the Google Meet app.

Connected Living (with SmartThings)

Control all the devices in your connected smart home system through your Samsung Smart TV. From game consoles and set-top boxes, to Bluetooth speakers and 1000s of smart devices, Samsung Smart TV gives you simple control at the touch of a button*. With SmartThings built into your Samsung TV, you can monitor home cameras, or see who’s at the door from the comfort of your sofa. All to make your life easier, more secure, and more connected. Finally, smart living – made simple.

Ambient Mode+

When your TV is off, transform your screen into a decorative or functional feature. Samsung Ambient Mode+ lets you choose from over 100 backgrounds – displaying essential information, your own photos*, or colourful patterns. Plus, it automatically adjusts to the light in your room, so it'll easily blend with your decor. The EyeComfort Mode feature even readjusts TV brightness settings depending on the time of day, so it's always easy on the eyes.


Ready to upgrade your home office setup? Samsung Smart TV lets you access your office PC remotely from your TV and use the large screen to multitask with ease – with a connected mouse, keyboard, and PC*. Do more, at once, all from the comfort of your home.

10 year Screen Burn Warranty

Screen burn is a permanent defect on the TV display that is caused by having static images on the screen over a period of time: sometimes even as little time as one hour. Static content that might cause this could be channel logos, news tickers, black bars from movies or head-up displays on games. Only Samsung offers a 10-year screen burn warranty.

Easy Set Up and Control (with SmartThings)

The SmartThings mobile app helps you quickly set-up your TV. Automatically connect to Wifi and login into your accounts with simple, seamless smartphone connection. Plus, you'll unlock great features such as Screen Mirroring, a TV Remote Control, and more**.

Content Discovery (Universal Guide)

Spend less time searching and more time watching. Universal Guide recommends the latest and trending content, from streaming services, meaning you can watch more of what you love. All your favourite entertainment in one place – your Samsung Smart TV.

Model Number: QE65QN88CATXXU
Costco More details at
You will need a a Costco membership to purchase this item. See here Costco Membership
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  1. IanFTW's avatar
    Any reviews for this set? Can't seem to find any?
    IanFTW's avatar
    Never mind, seems to be the qn85c with cosmetic difference so found some
  2. TheOnlyRick's avatar
    This is a great deal, thanks sotv.

    Question - I can't find the QE65QN88 (or even QE65) in Samsung's cashback page:

    Is it deffo included in the cashback offer?

    Thanks (edited)
    aditya.kumar's avatar
    its present as below
  3. TechFiend's avatar
    Just to clear up any confusion around cashbacks:

    You have to purchase between the 2 dates below:


    But, the claim period is longer (16/08/23 until 11/10/23) as per the terms and conditions here:

    If your delivery arrives late, point 11 above answers all you need to know.

  4. TechFiend's avatar
    Wasn't the cashback for 2023 models only?

    The 65 in this deal is a better TV. Depends on how much image quality matters to you.
  5. Darren_King's avatar
    How does this compare to last year's LG G2 been waiting for that to drop but not really happening. This would be much more cost effective. Much difference in quality???
    Steve.Campbell's avatar
    On paper the LG must be the superior of the two, especially when it comes to movie nights and judder. I had the 65" on the short list too, but this was too tempting for the price.
  6. Ladygadgets's avatar
    Confirmed delivery Friday. Been waiting for this to go down and never thought I'd get for this price with 5 yrs warranty. Cracking price. Op thanks a lot. Will do Samsung cashback straight away on Friday to get the £200 off. Remember must be done before 12.9.23.
    kkwiatkowski's avatar
    Don't forget you get burnout warranty for 10 years with this one as well
  7. funkypumpkin's avatar
    Just signed up and found it is OOS Online
  8. stvthms's avatar
    Would somebody please sign in for me and screenshot the price of this model as I’ve just bought from curry’s. Hoping for a price match if cheaper50861270-BGG9Y.jpg
    aditya.kumar's avatar

    50861627-lWgUp.jpg (edited)
  9. That-Guy's avatar
    Says out of stock on costco website, should I try go in store...?
    Ashofthewild's avatar
    Back in stock online
  10. Ashofthewild's avatar
    This is now back in stock online!! Go!!
    mgk's avatar
    Oos again...maybe just the odd cancelation
  11. ArunJ's avatar
    Saw this when it was released, but I opted for the 65" QN95B instead as it had the one connect box and at £915 Inc the 5 year warranty via Samsung, wasn't a bad deal.

    Still have a few days to return the tv if I change my mind, would it be worth a swap for this model? No one connect box but is there a noticeable difference to warrant a swap other than the cheaper price via the cashback and better customer service with costco?
    TechFiend's avatar
    The QN95B is apparently amazing. My worry is always seeing the one connect failing on older models, just another thing to go wrong.

    I'd probably keep the one you've bought, as the difference in price isn't loads.
  12. BargainHunter91's avatar
    It’s £959.98 in store
  13. Cuddl3s's avatar
    Anyone know where I can find the serial number? Is it on the box or inside the box? As don't want to take the TV out just yet.
    mattr's avatar
    On the back, but to do the cashback claim you have to give a picture of the back or through the menu on the screen, they wont allow pics of the box.
  14. Darren_King's avatar
    Has anyone who bought in-store submitted their £200 cashback claim via a till receipt?

    If so what did you put under the invoice number field please?
    That-Guy's avatar
    Used the transaction id, i have 2 claims which are still being processed
  15. SilverBlack's avatar
    Anyone know if they have upgraded the Lan port to 1gb ?
    Or is it still stuck on 100mb
    mattr's avatar
    Manual suggests 10/100 Mbps.
  16. Kris123456789's avatar
    Received tv today. Very happy. I have question to those who already received and installed. Is there protecting film on the screen? I pull out square top left cornner but film didn't come off.
    TechFiend's avatar
    Like this (QN85C, practically the same model):

    I thought there was a screen protector that needs removing, I'll check when mine arrives.
  17. Utte.Dekh's avatar
    Don't believe this is a mis-price. Similar price (£10 cheaper) in-store.

    Booloo69's avatar
    Do u still get the cash back when buying instore 
  18. KTy's avatar
    Expensive morning 🙈
    kkwiatkowski's avatar
    I know
    I wasn't even planning on getting a TV
    Mozarella sticks on offer would do me just fine (edited)
  19. Steve.Campbell's avatar
    Delivery scheduled for Thursday. I can't wait to get it out and play with it.
  20. TechFiend's avatar

    Seems like a great price and may even replace my OLED in my living room, which can go in my media room
    onkz_'s avatar
    Why on earth would you replace your OLED with a FA-LED?
  21. kkwiatkowski's avatar
    Ordered. Let's see if it goes through
  22. aditya.kumar's avatar
    ordered last night
  23. Saman's avatar
    How does this compare to Qn95c?
  24. That-Guy's avatar
    Noticed back in stock online, I picked up 2 at Wembley branch. They have around 10 left, it's £10 cheaper in store.
    Steve.Campbell's avatar
    Still OOS online
  25. Darren_King's avatar
    Took the plunge and drove to a Costco! Happy now can't wait to get it setup.
  26. harwinder.kaur's avatar
    167 comments and only 400*.. Why?
    TechFiend's avatar
    Lots of questions by the looks of it.

    Not buying?
  27. TechFiend's avatar
    Set mine up yesterday, impressed so far with it. I'll use a bit more this week! No issues with the screen protector removal for me! haha
  28. sotv's avatar
    sotv Author
    Think they've done a pricing error here and this should be the 55" price, as currently the 55" version of this is £310 more than the 65" version costco.co.uk/sea…n88

    50854453-I70qL.jpg (edited)
    casasteve's avatar
    Genuine question: Do you get bombarded with adverts on Samsung smart TVs? It’s something I’ve heard anecdotally but never seen in the flesh.
  29. Booloo69's avatar
    It says up to £200 cash back how do u know it’s £200 and how would u claim it
    sotv's avatar
    sotv Author
    I put a link in the description and there is one on the Costco page

  30. kkwiatkowski's avatar
    How is Costco in general with honouring pricing errors?
    sotv's avatar
    sotv Author
    It might not be a pricing error, I'm just assuming it is, but if it is, wouldn't hang around in case it gets changed
  31. SeanRTK's avatar
    Great find sotv. In your description you state £769. Assuming this is a typo and will need updating.
    TechFiend's avatar
    He means after cashback I assume.
  32. kingtj's avatar
    Not a Costco member, but tempted but IF I sign up & it IS a pricing error I'll have paid to sign up for nothing. Problems 😁
    TarekAlakari's avatar
    I think you can cancel for free
  33. Steve.Campbell's avatar
    Just what I was looking for to replace my current 55" in the bedroom. Can't go wrong at this price + the extra long warranty. Great find OP.
  34. umirza85's avatar
    Shame its doesn’t have the one connect box, I missed the 75” frame deal the other day.
    mgk's avatar
    I wouldnt have ordered if it does...heard quite a few problems but my own setup works best with ports on the TV
  35. itta's avatar
    How does it compare to the new qd oled? Does it give real black screen, and high contrast as oled ones? I'd keep it in quite dark room watching mostly netflix and sport (edited)
  36. Emzudd1's avatar
    Ordered - cheers
  37. IanFTW's avatar
    Ordered one for the mother-in-law cheers
    weemee002's avatar
    Not a coffin??
  38. mgk's avatar
    this model was 1200 last week so it does look a bit like a pricing error but not totally out of the question
  39. moneysm's avatar
    Anyone know if this has the Freeview app?
  40. mit's avatar
    Sound bar with subwoofer is half price with this tv. 1317£ in total - cash back ,1100+ approximately
's avatar