Samsung 32" LCD TV - £279.95 instore at richer sounds (£308 with 5 yr guarantee)
Samsung 32" LCD TV - £279.95 instore at richer sounds (£308 with 5 yr guarantee)

Samsung 32" LCD TV - £279.95 instore at richer sounds (£308 with 5 yr guarantee)

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Product Information

Why buy a 32" LCD TV by a brand you've never heard of when you can get the Samsung LE32b350 for around the same price?

At the heart of this 2009 Samsung 32" LCD TV is Samsung's Wide Colour Enhancer 2 engine. This unique Samsung system offers far more natural and convincing colours by strengthening the red, green and blues. A high contrast ratio also gives the LE32b350 excellent depth of image with subtle shading. In short, the difference in picture quality between it and no-name TVs is the difference between night and day.

Although we'd always recommend a separate home cinema system, the Samsung's built-in SRS Tru-Surround HD system gives a useful boost to audio performance. With indirect firing technology the speakers create a spacious sound that's complemented by the SRS Tru-Surround system.

Twin rear-mounted HDMI sockets allow for the connection of 2 High Definition sources, such as an HD-TV box and Blu-ray player. In addition to this, the LE32b350 boasts SCART and component connections for your analogue sources. Furthermore, the PC input makes this attractive TV the perfect complement to your home computer - especially when used in conjunction with the Samsung's special Game Mode. Topping off the wide range of sockets is a digital optical sound output - ideal for connecting this Samsung 32" LCD TV to your home cinema for a useful upgrade in sound quality.

For a quality 32" LCD TV with a performance that belies the price, the Samsung LE32b350 makes a mockery of its rivals.


Am I missing something, but it appears to be £299.95 (or £329.90 with 5 year guarantee) when I look on the website. You've said this is "instore", and the website also says "Sorry, this item is only available in-store" too, so is the price in store different to the one on the website (where the product isn't even available)??


Edit: actually, I can now see the price you refer to on their homepage, but it's listed as £299.95 when you click on that product. So, can anyone confirm you can actually get this TV for £279.95 in store please?

I just bought one in store... (newcastle branch) thinking it was at the same price I saw on here, but it looks like the email thingie was a mistake as mine came through as 299.95.

just hooked it up with a wii, screen seems nice, surround seems a bit plasticy.


You need to mention you saw the offer at this price in their mailshot sent to Vip club members doubt they'll ask for proof.

Is this TV any good then or what? Need more in-depth than surround is plasticy. FFs the surrounds are always made of plastic.

I did mention I'd received the offer in an email, I'd print it out and go back and contenst, but I really cant be bothered with the hassle.

Bought it for xbox after hours at work, so it'll do me fine.

The frame looks much more plasticy than an average samsung panel (you know, the smooth rounded bottom ones). Its boxy, the speaker on the bottom doesnt look great. But at the end of the day, It's a 300 quid tv. The only other Tv i have is a bravia, which IMO feels much less, plasticy. (But i'd hope so for the price difference)

I can't be more descriptive than that. It's one mans opinion, and everyone has different standards. Go into the shop and have a feel if you need to. You have to go there to buy it anyway. They had none out in the newcastle store though, Just in the back.

The only problem with Richer Sounds is actually finding an 'offer' item 'instore' as they carry very limited stock....good deal but quote VIP and 'phone the store to ensure 'reserve one' before you make a wasted trip! :thumbsup:

The guy in the newcastle branch said he had 30 in...

yeh well i phoned for this exact model an they sed they had " a dozen or so" in the newcastle store. wen i got there they had none for sale, 2 reserved an they are ordering me 1 for monday pickup. either he lied, or they sell a hell of a lot of these in that store.

i'd go with 'i didnt actually check in the back when you called... oops'

Picked one up today, plugged in the PS3 excellent picture. Played an SD DVD also still great. No motion blur crystal picture, well pleased. Turn the backlight down a bit from default, very nice. I also think that the surround frame looks nice, it is shiny but in no way looks cheap. I think an excellent choice. Chuffed with my purchase.

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Hi would somebody be able to post the "view it here" web link from the top of their vip club email? Don't think it contains personally identifiable info! Thanks

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just click on go to deal ive already linked it


just click on go to deal ive already linked it

Doh! Just assumed that would go to RS. Nice one! For which you deserve a little respect!

Does anyone have any experience with richer sounds guarantee, is it worth paying the extra 10% ?
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