Samsung 32" LE32R88BD LCD TV RPP £699 YOURS FOR £435!!!

Samsung 32" LE32R88BD LCD TV RPP £699 YOURS FOR £435!!!

Found 26th Dec 2007
After spending ages looking for the best price for the 32" samsung lcd tv, LE32R88BD the best deal I found was for £439 with using the discount code.
Even currys are selling this for £659!!!
The second cheapest was dixons using their xmas discount code. at about £468 delivered.
Most places are still selling this for full price!
This tv seems to be getting great reviews and from £699 to £439 has got to be a great deal. I have one ordered and on the way!!

Here's the spec:

ModelR88 32 inch HD LCD - LE32R88BD
Talk Time Up To0
Standby Time Up To 0
Brightness550 cd/m2
Component HD (Y/Pb/Pr)Yes
Computer monitor usageYes
HD Ready720p, 1080i
Resolution1366 x 768 pixels
Viewing angle (H/V)178:178

Product overview
The new Samsung R88 32" LCD TV provides superb picture quality and amazing sound, and with a unique design to complement your home.

With an inbuilt Digital TV receiver, the Samsung R88 can access up to 41 digital TV channels without the need for an additional set-top box.

the 32" Samsung R88 LCD TV also features:

Wide Colour Enhancer - This exclusive technology delivers more brilliant colours, even in bright areas of the picture where blues and greens are washed out on conventional screens.

Movie Plus - Samsung's exclusive Movie Plus completely eliminates judder, presenting smooth action, no matter how fast it is going.

3 HDMI - the Samsung R88's Three High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) connections make your TV a multimedia centrepiece. Connect HD digital devices like disc players, game consoles, satellite dish boxes into the 2 rear connections and use the side-mounted input for cameras, camcorders and laptops.

Game Mode - Samsung LCD TVs offer unparalleled picture quality that can be optimised for gaming at the touch of a button. It allows for H-sharpness and a faster response time in the games.


You're being a little misleading there...
]Currys price is £499.99 which, after ]voucher and QuidCo makes it £451 delivered, not £659 as you claim!

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Oh is it??
Sorry wasn't when I last looked. Cheers for the info!

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Yeah your right, just checked and with the currys sale price it does work out as what you said.
However I was going on what i had seen previously over the last few days of browsing the internet.
I could check the prices every 30mins...or i could just leave it up to you!

PC World also have this at £499 and they might pricematch


Pixmania, rather you than me.....

£455.90 + Quidco is the best I can manage... Whats the trick here?

Pixmania / .Currys / Dixons / PCWorld all belong to the same company.

Avoid Pixmania they are based in France I believe.

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Is pixmania really that bad??


Is pixmania really that bad??


I've never bought from them but some of the reviews from people who have are terrible...…ws/

I bought a Panasonic camera from them (great camera, cant recommend them highly enough...), but as already stated although they are DSGi group (same as Currys and PC World) they are based in France, although I believe they do have a shop in London.

The camera was the best price around and quickly delivered, BUT it was only supplied with a continental plug on the charger and the instructions had no English language version. All in all, not major problems as the instructions can be downloaded (I didnt bother becuase the camera is fairly intuitive) and the plug was an easy swap for the UK version.

The moral of the story, yes Pixmania do have some good prices, but if its only a few quid in it, I always opt for a UK official retailer.

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Oh great, just been reading all the reviews from pixmania and now I can't wait to receive my tv, NOT!

You could always ]cancel

I have the 26" of this TV,
Picture quality is excellent
Sound is very poor,(speakers vibrate if too much bass)
Changing channel takes about 5 seconds to respond

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You can't cancel the order after it has been dispatched! you have to refuse delivery when the item arrives!

Well if it's already dispatched you should have it soon. Good luck:)
Let us know how you get on.

- nevermind

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you went for the baby version!

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Well i must have been lucky cos pixmania delivered to me within 4 days to northern ireland, via currys home delivery. i got the right tv, it works and it's english!
i must either be really lucky or pixmania have changed!

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so that was £455 with postage to northern ireland. not bad at all!


Well i must have been lucky cos pixmania delivered to me within 4 days to … Well i must have been lucky cos pixmania delivered to me within 4 days to northern ireland, via currys home delivery. i got the right tv, it works and it's english!i must either be really lucky or pixmania have changed!

Glad you got it and all is well:)
Another couple of hundred happy customers and I might consider buying from them!!:thumbsup:

Beware of Pixmania. They are the kings of hidden terms and conditions. They especially like to 'refund' cancellations and returns with their equivalent of a credit note.

Also, they bang on about their VIPIX card which costs £14. However, it only offers a negligible discount on a tiny selection of what they sell and 'half price standard shipping'. But if you REALLY dig through the T&C the shipping discount only applies on orders over £100 (not mentioned in all the promo pages for it.)

They offer good prices on a few bits and pieces (Harmony 555 universal remote is a bargain) but the overall shopping experience there is disappointing.
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