Samsung 3D Glasses Starter Pack £129.99 Delivered plus £10 voucher and Quidco @ Argos
Samsung 3D Glasses Starter Pack £129.99 Delivered plus £10 voucher and Quidco @ Argos

Samsung 3D Glasses Starter Pack £129.99 Delivered plus £10 voucher and Quidco @ Argos

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here's only one way to immerse yourself in the 3D film experience and that is with a Samsung 3D TV , 3D BluRay player and active glasses. Samsung provides the complete home 3D solution with active technology for improved experience that represents the best of the technologies available in the market.
Samsung liberates the flat two dimensional imagery and transports it into a new 3D immersive experience with exceptional explosive image quality. The effects are breath taking with ultra real qualities that will absorb and immerse you in the viewing experience.
To enjoy the 3D experience to its greatest depth , you will need a pair of Samsung active 3D glasses to view the action. Samsung has provided two pairs of active glasses and the Monsters v Aliens film in 3D to ensure you can start your 3D experience immediately, with this 'starter' pack. .
Samsung's new battery powered 3D Active Glasses are the gateway to Samsung 3D entertainment. Impressive both in how they function and in what they allow you to experience.
The technology works as follows:
When you put them on and look at the screen, the technology first blocks the left and then the right lens. It happens faster than the blink of an eye - so your eye won't notice it. But when images are shown to each eye separately this 'staggered' effect achieves far more lifelike 3D images.

The TV has a built in 3D emitter which communicates with the glasses directly. This generates what is known as 'active' technology which delivers a superior immersive experience for the viewer.


Samsung man on TV said the staggered effect is virtually impossible to tell it's happening. Which to me says don't bother getting one as it's not quite right yet..

Looks great on mine!

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Any actual reasons why this is being voted cold? Or are people looking at the price and just assuming it's not a good deal?
I'd be interested to know why because I couldn't find it cheaper on a Google search........

John Lewis - 1 pair is £59.95, 2 pairs is £129.95 !!
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