Samsung 40" LE40A336 HD READY FREEVIEW LCD HDTV £469.99 @ Play
Samsung 40" LE40A336 HD READY FREEVIEW LCD HDTV £469.99 @ Play

Samsung 40" LE40A336 HD READY FREEVIEW LCD HDTV £469.99 @ Play

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# Input & Output:
# HDMI: 2
# Composite (AV): 1
# PC input (D-sub): 1
# Component(Y/Pb/Pr): 1
# RF Input: 1
# Optical sound out
# RS232C (for Service only): 1
# Scart: 1

# Screen Size: 40" Widescreen
# Resolution: 1366 x 768
# Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 7500:1
# HD Ready
# Backlight: CCFL
# IDTV (Freeview)

Bargain price!! If you can find a voucher about for 5% off it would be even cheaper!!

4% through quidco too.

Due out on september 1st 2008.


Didn't know there was a 3 series.

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Why is this cold? My first ever deal!!!!! :'(


Thanks for your post Kiwinator
Please remember to add the price and retailer name to your opening post- I've done this for you now

Hot from me, just abit old. But for a 40 inch samsung I wouldnt complain

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Thanks juliet

Old?? its not even out yet!!!!!!!!

yer there on series 6 now. This is old stock.

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yer there on series 6 now. This is old stock.

But its not released yet?

It has been its just new to the site and thats when there getting it in. The new one if the Series 6 and the one after that will be the Series 7.

Had a little research though and I can't seem to prove either one of us right, but happy to admit I'm wrong if your right.


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lol im not sure either!

All look the same to me anyway.


The new one if the Series 6 and the one after that will be the Series 7.

And what will be the number after the Series 7 ??? :whistling::whistling::whistling::whistling::whistling:


This TV is not old.....the higher the series number the better the TV and although the 4, 5 & 6 series have already been released the 3 series is the latest one to be released. It is by no means 'old' but just has lower spec compared to the others.

Hot deal by the way.....

Wow, seems like a bargain. Any reviews? Whats it like... good picture quality etc.?

Just need to find a stand too... my dads given me a budget of £500 (give or take) to get a new TV and he wants a stand with it too. (They go on holiday end of august and want it all set up before they come back mid-sept lol). Could be easily dne with this deal!

EDIT: oh, and would anyone say its worth worrying about it being 40" ot 42? Is it really noticeable? (He wanted a 42, and so would I lol (higher bragging rights haha))

Quidco too? how much ?

4% quidco

a 42" tv will have a screen approx 4.5 cm wider and 2.5cm taller - on a screen of this size i'd be surprised if you noticed the difference when side by side. just tell him its a 42" - he'll never know

seems a good deal but is this TV wall mountable and how long is the garantee?


I got this for £400 a little while ago from an insider at Samsung, good picture quality, plenty of functionality.

Only gripe is the tv is sometimes slow to respond to the remote when changing channels. Still, well worth the low price, hot deal!

great find voted hot

think the newer models dont have the blue ring on the standby button anymore.

Ordered it for my Dad the other day

ANyone know when it should arrive? Its released on teh 1st Sept so will they send it on the 1st or should it arive on the 1st?

Cant wait!

great find, thanks

does anybody know if this is going to be available next week?
i had it bookmarked to keep an eye out for some reviews, but i just checked and the price and "available from" date have disappeared and it doesn't appear in the coming soon section either.

Just called play.com.

Although this model was due in yesterday (1st September) Samsung have advised Play that they couldn't get these TV's to them - I will keep my order on hold just now to see if they get it into stock. It still looks like a good deal though.


Btw, the TV arrived on teh friday, 3 days before the release! Its all set up in my lounge, looks stunning. Great TV... recomended!

AGHHH i just called play.com and they said they wont be getting any more in :cry:
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