Samsung 400GB 8MB 7200RPM SATA 2 Internal Hard Drive £93.95 Or Less Delivered!

Samsung 400GB 8MB 7200RPM SATA 2 Internal Hard Drive £93.95 Or Less Delivered!

Found 3rd Sep 2006
This Samsung 400Gb Internal SATA 2 Hard Drive with 8Mb Buffer is £89.30 [£93.95 Delivered] from SavaStore.Com. Buy through QuidCo.Com to earn 3% in cashback, or use the direct link opposite to go straight to the deal...

Features: Width 10.2 cm * Depth 14.6 cm * Height 2.5 cm * Weight 0.7 kg * Compatibility PC * S.M.A.R.T. * Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB) motor, NoiseGuard, SilentSeek technology * Serial ATA-300 * 3.5" x 1/3H * 8.9 ms (average)/18 ms (max) * MTBF 600,000 hour(s)


Nice deal, im about to build my new computer and am in the market for parts. This will do me well, wonder if 2 will be over kill, lol.

~ 21p / gig. Cheap as chips

Thanks Ray.

product not found when using link

Thanks torby

Savastore has a new link for this product which is added to Ray's OP now.

blimey that was quick getting updated!

Still worth waiting for the SATA II version of this drive on MicroDirect's 180 Minute Daily Deals, it was on last week and the week before, so worth waiting for next week. It worked out less than 22p/Gb Delivered (21p/Gb without Delivery).



£93.98 Delivered

Both Microdirect & Savastore give 3% CashBack through QuidCo

EDIT: I've just looked and the unit that rayman has posted is in fact the SATA II version also


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Thanks for adding the new link edi Also torby for spotting it had changed

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Yes I omitted the SATA II info, as I posted the deal pretty early in the am lol

Thanks X10 I'll put it in now

Yes I agree this is an excellent deal...Samsung drives are my favourites as they are so quiet...they also always come top in any PCPRO hard drive reviews.

Who's voting all this old stuff hot and getting it on the front page?

How is this a good deal when the 500GB is half the price?…454

It was a good deal 2 years ago when this was first posted
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