SAMSUNG 42" / PLASMA / HD READY / 100HZ / FREEVIEW/ £499.99 @ Comet
SAMSUNG 42" / PLASMA / HD READY / 100HZ / FREEVIEW/ £499.99 @ Comet

SAMSUNG 42" / PLASMA / HD READY / 100HZ / FREEVIEW/ £499.99 @ Comet

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A new model Samsung on offer at Comet.

"With its elegantly stylish design, the Samsung PS42B430 offers an outstandingly rich HD TV experience. Equipped with 2 HDMI inputs, audio and video signals are synchronised, ensuring no data loss and pure reviewing perfection. Turn your living room into a true digital theatre experience with DNie+ picture enhancements and 'Trusurround' speakers."

Please do not moan that it's not 1080P. Unless your connecting something that provides a 1080P signal (i.e. Blu-Ray) , you won't notice the difference. Even if you do connect something that is 1080P to this, the picture will still be very sharp and detailed.

The reason for me saying this is because a lot of people post TV deals and everyone moans because it's not 1080P! This is a good TV for the price, if you want 1080P look elsewhere.


5 times the power consumption of a modern LCD !


Isnt plasma power consumption based on what is onscreen? dark scenes = less power than light.

Even so, I believe 5x is incorrect, by a long way.

without looking around much at all:

Average plasma: 339 watts
Average rear-projection: 211 watts
Average LCD: 213 watts


5 times the power consumption of a modern LCD !D.

Rated at 210watts, where the hell do you find a 42 watt 42" tv?

Anyway it's 549 now which is still a decent price but further away from "hot"

edit: well you can still get it for £508.74 with the 75HOT code, does that mean it was even less before with this code? I'm not voting either way for now.

indeed the new energy efficient 2009 plasma panels are impressive, and imo removed the thing holding me back from buying a plasma, their energy usage.

i cant vote on this telly as i went for the lg one as at the time there were only 2 sets using the new lower energy usage panel, but i would certainly check this deal out if i was in the market as it SEEMS like a hot deal.

This model was also £499 instore at Currys at the weekend, so they might be worth a call if anyone wants this.

Who expired this?

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