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Posted 16 November 2022

Samsung 43" QN90B Neo QLED 4K HDR Smart TV £679 via EPP/Perks at work + Free samsung galaxy 5 pro watch/£699 via normal store with trade in

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Hi All

Fantastic deal on this TV via samsung direct

1 year warranty via epp/ perks at work ( 5 years if going via Samsung directly)
free samsung galaxy watch 5 pro

£679 via perks at work (no trade in required) or £699 via the normal website with any tv traded in

Added by @cyberbabenilorac

  • Refresh Rate100Hz (Up to 144Hz)
  • Resolution3,840 x 2,160
  • Screen CurvatureN/A
  • Anti ReflectionYes

  • Picture EngineNeo Quantum Processor 4K
  • One Billion ColorYes
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range)Quantum HDR 1500
  • AI StreamingN/A
  • HDR 10+Certified(HDR10+ & HDR10+ GAMING)
  • AI UpscaleYes
  • HLG (Hybrid Log Gamma)Yes
  • ContrastQuantum Matrix Technology
  • Color100% Colour Volume with Quantum Dot
  • Viewing AngleN/A
  • Motion TechnologyMotion Xcelerator Turbo Pro
  • Dynamic Refresh TechnologyN/A
  • Clear MotionLED Clear Motion
  • Noise ReductionYes
  • Expert CalibrationYes
  • Smart CalibrationBasic/Professional
  • Filmmaker Mode (FMM)Yes

  • Package Size (WxHxD)1105 x 687 x 144 mm
  • Set Size with Stand (WxHxD)960.8 x 623.4 x 223.0 mm
  • Set Size without Stand (WxHxD)960.8 x 558.9 x 26.9 mm
  • Stand (Basic) (WxD)465.0 x 223.0 mm
  • Stand (Minimum) (WxD)N/A
  • VESA Spec200 x 200 mm

Samsung More details at Samsung

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  1. Avatar
    The 50 inch version on the regular Samsung site is £799 with any tv trade in, if you include TCB of around £24 and sell the watch for say £225 after fees (use an eBay discounted fee offer), it will come in at around £549 with a 5 year warranty. Not too bad for a decent tellybox.
    No trade in for this model. There is trade in for QN85B
  2. Avatar
    Decent deal but last month they had premium sound bars bundled in, last week a rubbish sound at, and now they’ve got a mediocre watch? Samsung really playing games with these deals atm, seem to just be bundling in stock no one wants after a good deals last month.
    100 pounds off for old tv is good
    I agree soundbar has poor reviews
  3. Avatar
    No 5 year warranty if you go via the discount site. Just the standard 1 year
    From T&C's: Purchases must be made from the online shop on Samsung.com only. Purchases from other

    retailers or from Samsung.com EPP sites (under which certain categories of customers who

    have been provided with a log in to benefit from discounted products) are expressly

    excluded. This includes, but is not limited to the following Samsung EPP sites: Student, EPP

    Networks, NHS EPP, Royal Household EPP, SME Open, SME Closed, Samsung Staff Sales, EPP

    Thank you edited this 
  4. Avatar
    Would this be better than the lg oled c2? (edited)
    Compare the two in Currys or similar. The neo qled range are insanely good. I have both oled and neo qled TVs and end up using the neo qled the most
  5. Avatar
    at the time of posting it had it on the page that the tv included a 5 year warranty
  6. Avatar
    put it next to a 43 inch asda £249 tv, then you will see the need for it, I know what you mean tho, but its a different ball game
  7. Avatar
    Eurgh, was hoping today's new offer would be something I actually wanted... anyone know when this offer ends? Banner not yet updated - in the market, but not interested in a free watch
    You can sell the watch for 200-250 on eBay 
  8. Avatar
    Remember to use topcashback!! A few pounds back to your pocket 😃
  9. Avatar
  10. Avatar
    Any good as a monitor? Does it come with a one connect box?
  11. Avatar
    Can play xbox straight on TV without console aswell, recommend hard wired or decent connection though
  12. Avatar
    Got £180 in Perkbox vouchers to use brings it down to £500 for the 43” plus sell the watch potentially only ~£350
  13. Avatar
    If u have a TV to trade in worth going through the main site and try chat they gave an extra 10% off. Comes to 629.10 and still includes the watch.
    How do they give you an extra 10% via the chat, Can you explain? Thanks
  14. Avatar
    Got this for the bedroom for £629 and a 5 year warranty, with trade in offer. Fantastic tv, the gaming mode is amazing. Been playing God of war 1 on the ps5, it looks outstanding on this, highly recommended tv.
    Did they actually pick up the old tv from you? I’ve heard sometimes they don’t.
  15. Avatar
    I got the 2021 neo QLED. The 94. It's an amazing picture and great option for gaming. If this is the same or an upgrade you won't be disappointed.
  16. Avatar
    Was set on oled for bedroom TV for TV and gaming.. Hmm
  17. Avatar
    So this , or, the 94 or the LG C2
    Advice needed please
    You’ll need to give a bit more info. What kind of room, levels of ambient light, what you using it for etc.
  18. Avatar
    But now there's two models 90 a and the 90 b
    Just looking at the pictures side by side online
  19. Avatar
    Does anybody know what type of panel is the 55 inch version? IPS or VA panel? Also the 50 inch version. What panel?
  20. Avatar
    Can anyone who's used this TV comment on the response times? I've heard there's an issue with ghosting/smearing when playing games at 120hz
  21. Avatar
    Where does it say on Samsung site you get 5 year warranty for this set?
    I swear it was on the page for the TV saying it had 5 year warranty. I can’t see it now. Also, if you look at the general warranty page, it says 1 year. Something must have changed here recently. I’m going to look into this.
  22. Avatar
    Hello everyone, just wondering if you can change the aspect ratio and run it letterboxed? Like a 21:9 ultra wide with black bars on top and bottom?
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