Samsung 46" LE46A556P (Series 5) 1080p LCD TV - £670.04 delivered @ Dixons

Samsung 46" LE46A556P (Series 5) 1080p LCD TV - £670.04 delivered @ Dixons

Found 25th Dec 2008
The Samsung Series 5, delivers full HD 1080p with a contrast ratio of 30:000:1 and 3 x HDMI. It consistently delivers supreme imagery, which looks great on any backdrop.

HD Ready 1080P
Built In Digital TV Tuner
30000 : 1 Dynamic Contrast
DNIe + Image Technology
SRS Trusurround

Enter codes NEWYEAR50 to get £50 off a £500 spend and DELTV to get free delivery on a TV to bring the price down to £670.04 delivered.

Be gentle as this is my first deal post! I've been looking to buy an LCD TV for months now, have had my eye on these Samsung ones and think this is a good price for such a large TV that's been getting pretty decent reviews. If you can find it cheaper anywhere, or can find a better TV for around about the same price please let us all know!


Not bad, but yesterday I bought the 40" series 6 Samsung LCD TV for £689.40 with a black glass stand from Dixons online. It would have been £640.40 without the stand. This model has a better spec, especially in contrast ratio terms [50,000:1] along with true 100hz

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Pretty good - but the 6 series 46" is £987, the difference is because the 5 series 46" here is in the sale, so it's been reduced from £910 to £720 (before vouchers). The one you bought is currently £717 before using any vouchers, so it's £3 less to get 50,000:1 and 100hz but with a 6" smaller screen. Guess it depends what you want as to whether that's a good compromise or not.

Obviously I'd rather have the 6 series 46", but an extra £287?! Although if you could order something for at least £13 with it you can use the MIRROR100 code to get £100 off a £1000 spend.

Anyone else bought the 6 series 46",

im looking at them myself and wondered what the opinions on it are

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I went around the shops today and was comparing them - looking at the 40" and 46" in both the 5 and 6 series. To be honest I couldn't really tell the difference - there certainly wasn't enough difference between them to warrant an extra £300 for the 6 series, in my opinion, but then there are three major problems with viewing them in the shops: A) I couldn't find anywhere that actually put the 5 and 6 series TVs anywhere near each other, so a literal side-by-side comparison is impossible. B) The setups are never perfect - from the shops I went into I could see that PC World and Currys had their TVs connected using component cables whereas Comet's TVs were connected using scart cables(!). Of course then the inputs were all Sky TV, tuned to whatever channel they feel like putting on, so you're not necessarily watching a high quality source to begin with, and then of course the TVs might not be fine tuned to get the best out of them. And C) you can't really spend any amount of time with the TVs - before I buy I'd like to test them with everything: a bit of the built in Freeview, some Sky, watching a Blu-Ray and then playing some Gears of War 2 to see where the strengths and weaknesses are. But with Comet/Currys/PC World staff working for minimum wage and no comission these days I doubt any of them could be bothered to set all that up on 4 different TVs for me just to have me say 'Thanks, I'm going to buy that one, but I'll be getting it online where it's cheaper'!

So bottom line is, I don't know if the extra £300 for the 6 series is justified. I haven't read any bad reviews about it though, so I guess if you want to spring for the slightly higher spec at least you'll have peace of mind that you can't get much better than that at this time (unless you go for the 7, 8 or 9 series!).
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