Samsung 4GB Micro SDHC Memory Card (Class 4)  £4.99@Play

Samsung 4GB Micro SDHC Memory Card (Class 4) £[email protected]

Found 29th Nov 2010Made hot 29th Nov 2010
Samsung 4GB Micro SDHC Class4
Very good make, high speed, with security etc.
5 Year Warranty
Waterproof - Innovative epoxy moulding compound tech helps over 24 hours in sea water
Shock proof - Survives high pressure, including the crush of a 1.6ton automobile
Magnet-proof - Resists over 13 times the magnetic force of home theater speakers
Not applicable for samsung CF cards


good find

Prices on memory cards change on a hourly basis and this is a good find. You can get them cheaper on eBay but they are non Japanese makes.

Really good price for a 4gb micro sd. Heat added

Brought a couple for daughters DSi.

Thanks muchly

Just be aware that haven't been consisent send the correct Samsung cards out and what you receive may be not what is advertised...
(see thread

This is the best price I've seen for this card so voted hot hot hot.

Do they post this or one has to stay in for the delivery man?

^They post them, like most of the stuff on Play.

Great offer though, can use this with my Blackberry instead of my 2GB.
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