Samsung 4k Ultra HD Smart TV: 40" from £599.99 @ Groupon
Samsung 4k Ultra HD Smart TV: 40" from £599.99 @ Groupon

Samsung 4k Ultra HD Smart TV: 40" from £599.99 @ Groupon

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40" £599.99
55" £999.98

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•Clear motion rate 200 Hz

Is that good enough?

4K at 40" ? Amusing ;).

Not bad!


"The Samsung UE55HU6900 is a case of you get what you pay for. Yes it’s 4K, but only when the picture on screen is mostly still. Once the camera starts panning, resolution drops away quite noticeably, and unfortunately there’s no motion-enhancing technology available on the set to reduce blurring."

I would say, NO!

Reviews suggest this would be a terrible purchase.


Anything modern/popular has no need to be on Groupon as it would readily sell without resorting to this.
Therefore I would be dubious about this product.

That motion issue would put me off straight away. I've seen 720p sets that give a better picture quality than full HD, purely because they can cope with motion so much better. As the review says, 'Buy it only if you’re going to view 4K photos most of the time'.

Will the difference between 1080p and 4k be obvious at 40"? And at 200Hz?

Heat for value you're getting a fair bit here.

So frustrating to think that all Samsung had to do was supply a better motion interpolation algorithm with what is the first mainstream 4k set that most people will see and that first public overall impression would have been so much better.

The upside matters more as always here though because most know you can't watch anything other than photos on this and the end result is we get a much better price!

Suggest an extra option for the whole site = HOT OR COLD OR HOT & RECOMMENDED

You get what you pay for here
and it's not enough.

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Cold as already on HUKD here with a 5yr warranty at the same price from John Lewis.

No mention of any warranty from Groupon, although Samsung is usually 2yrs.

[Price matched - 40" £599.99 from hillsradio.co.uk & 55" £999.99 from sonicdirect.co.uk]

Don't bother with 4K @ 40" unless used as a (non-gaming) monitor, the 55" is still great for £1k - go and have a look at it in Currys before you let spec-crunchers talk you out of it. Yes these are Samsung's 'budget' range of UHD TV's and yes the 200hz lets it down in comparison to other's but a 55" UHD LED TV for under £1k with a 5yr warranty. Some people can't afford the £2500+ bigger brother's to these.

Just to confirm - with a recent update, this tv DOES now play Netflix 4K so that covers the 'lack of 4K content' doubters and also other apps i.e. BBC iPlayer and such are rolling out some 4K streaming such as the World Cup. Yes it is still in it's infancy but the road is well and truely being paved for 4K.
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No OLED, no sale.


•Clear motion rate 200 HzIs that good enough?

Clear motion rate is a specification invented by Samsung. It is not the panel refresh. It doesn't even take into account pixel response time which is the biggest cause of ghosting in LCD panels. Its just something they made up.

It can't be used to compare to any other brand of TV. Even Samsung themselves barely know what it means because it's not measured in Hz; it's just a number like 200.... and yet half their literature includes Hz beside it.

It's a fairly useless specification.

^ Spot on,
So many people deceived by that motion flow rubbish, then perpetuating the rubbish with their own ignorant understandings.

Did someone say 'interpolation algorithm?' I need to go for a lie down after even saying those words. What clever people there are on HUKD.

It's an impressive price, but 4k on the relatively small 40" screen is as good as useless. Perhaps good as as monitor, if it has the relevant inputs.

Ok since everyone doesn't like these '4k' tv's. Can someone recommend the best 55 inch Samsung TV I can get for around £1000? Should I wait for the true 4k or is there something currently on the market which is good enough? Thanks!

The prices of these 4k TV's will surely plummet because of the lack of content available for them.

"To get the highest quality Netflix experience in Ultra HD 4K, we recommend available bandwidth of at least 20Mbps. This provides enough throughput for the stream, which is about 16Mbps, plus headroom for service variability. "

So taking the 20mbps figure we are streaming 150MB/minute or 9GB hour. Most people suggesting 10-20 GB a film.

Without having fibre broadband, you are predominantly going to be watching 1080p upscaled the majority of the time. Those on capped broadband, well good luck.

I'm not being 4K negative but it's the most pointless move unless you are a pure enthusiast because of this lack of content.

It's just like the Ps4, launched with such a low catalogue of games making use of it's hardware. Then prices tumble.

It's going to be interesting to see people's living rooms when 4K does become mainstream, because everyone will be cramming 55" TV's into tiny UK living spaces. But I tend to think by the time 4K is widely available everybody will be wanting OLED or looking at 8K lol


Ok since everyone doesn't like these '4k' tv's. Can someone recommend the … Ok since everyone doesn't like these '4k' tv's. Can someone recommend the best 55 inch Samsung TV I can get for around £1000? Should I wait for the true 4k or is there something currently on the market which is good enough? Thanks!

Go get What Hifi Sound and Vision magazine on 30th July - group test of 4k TV's.

If 55" and Samsung is your only choice ?

The Samsung UE55H6400 is in your range 1080p 3D around £1000.

The 48" is £700 and had a decent review but that doesn't mean the 55" panel is as good not seen a review of that one.

The 4K Samsung UE55HU7500 is double your price range - at £2000 ouch

Crampton and Moore 55"

The above link has a decent range of 55" just google the model for reviews then go and view your favourite 2

Beware depreciation because in a year or less you will be probably be seeing the same tv at around half it's price, unless you appreciate that you really need the 55" tv and need it now but something better always comes along

Have you asked yourself what you are going to be watching in 4k? ie - Netflix, because if you buy 4k just for future proofing I would guess by the time 4k is mainstream you will probably be looking for another tv before then.

I wouldn't touch this telly with a barge pole mind

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4K at 40" ? Amusing ;).

And why is that so amusing, prey tell? With that resolution I could throw up 4 decently sized virtual monitors without the nasty bezels getting in the way.

If a TV is not capable of 4K why are they allowed to advertise it as such?
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