Samsung 51"3D Smart TV,Full HD (think you get cash back to) - £1,399.95 @ Richer Sounds

Samsung 51"3D Smart TV,Full HD (think you get cash back to) - £1,399.95 @ Richer Sounds

Found 2nd Dec 2011
For many, a plasma TV still takes some beating. Certainly, in terms of screen response, a plasma TV is still faster to respond than LCD/LED technology. If you're going to be using the TV for gaming then it's this extra fast response that can make all the difference. Then there's the 3D aspect to consider. Using active shutter technology, 3D images are stable, bold and, with a screen of this size, come right out into the room for an immersive viewing experience! You'll also find amazing depth of image that ordinary 2D TV can't hope to compete with. With DNIE+ technology the colour does full justice to the most brilliant films. A Mega contrast ratio ensures that subtle detail is carefully recreated, with even the darkest images being skilfully resolved. The 51 inch 3D plasma TV also makes use of 600Hz sub-field scanning. This picture processing system reduces motion blur and is of great benefit with 3D film. The PS51D8000 also features a 2D/3D convertor. As the name suggests this lets you watch any 2D material, converted into 3D. Of course, even when watching in 2D this is still a pretty impressive TV. Samsung have an excellent reputation for the quality of their plasma displays and the PS51D8000 is no exception. Rich colour, smooth motion and excellent, 1080p resolution levels of detail - the PS51D8000 is an enthralling TV to watch.

this is my first post, dont know how to do it on other web sites think iv added this as im excited lol. the lower model D6900 is selling for £850-£999, dixons is the cheapist to john lewis for £999
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Last Few: May be Ex Display, Ex Repair or Missing Accessories, just what you want when your spending this much money.

Lots of competion at the price point, including the Panasonic GT or VT Series with the Infinity Black Display, but thats just my opinion.

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Cold, I would get a Sony tv instead.
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well your gona have to pay 3/4 price more for a sony
All respect to the OP for the post, but you'll be fortunate to get one if you want to. They are showing a stock of 14 units nationwide, the bulk of which are in the London area. You would likely have to ring each store on the list to ascertain whether you are going to get a mint boxed tv, or something less desirable. With such a small stock throughout the whole company, it kind of points to mainly ex-display etc. That said, credit to OP for a post.
Done a quick search and it shows £1215 delivered at a few places.…uct

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Please accept my apologies for my previous post which was a bit misleading. I stupidly did not notice the scroll bar on the stock-checker and it did just look like a full page. The number I gave of 14 is incorrect. It should be 25. Sorry.

Still thin on the ground as you go North though. Only 1 in Manchester.
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tnx, i just added this for laugh
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