Samsung 55es8000 & Free Galaxy Tab / Price Match JL & 5yr Warranty £1799

Samsung 55es8000 & Free Galaxy Tab / Price Match JL & 5yr Warranty £1799

Found 14th Aug 2012…733
£1799 from this site.

John Lewis will price match and that gives u the 5year warranty & free delivery.…spx

Free Galaxy Tab
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (7.0) via redemption

Ordered .
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+ free galaxy tab 2 (7.0) through redemption?
Yes correct. forgot to add.
Have you confirmed the price match with John Lewis. Not sure if still the same rules, but they used to price match by sending someone into the actual shop and checking that it was on display, advertised at that price, and in stock. If so, cracking deal.
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Yes price match confirmed this morning. Hence ordered and delivery saturday
JL have pricematched Electrocentre for me a few times in the past.

wasnt this £1600 at a brummie store a coulpe of weeks back?
west midlands electrical I think
that was dodgy...i've not heard of a single person managing to buy it for that price....nor JL matching it
I have this TV....and its AWESOME!!!!! Great price.
Thank You puppy8910club - price match agreed with John Lewis. Great deal - your a star!
No problem gents. There was a deal on ebuyer for £1600 but for extra £200 notes you get 5yr gurantee and JL are excellent at replacing etc.
Yeah I noticed the thread regarding the £1600 EBuyer offer - it looks like a lot of people had issues with this - I'm also guessing that this offer didn't come with the 'free' galaxy tab. I checked with Electro Centre and their deal did not come with a 'free' tab. The JL one does so top work! This same deal at Comet including a 5 year guarantee come out at over £3K!!
Gone up to £1829.
Up to £1849 but JL price matched me this morning and order placed. Huge thanks to puppy for the find !!!

Had an awesome demo in JL Southampton, then the guy couldn't believe the price match figure.
Galaxy Tab offer extended to end of September now too on Samsung website.
JL will only do this deal if you are within 30miles of the Electrocentre address which is in Birmingham so no good for me living in London!
I'm in Southampton and they price matched for me at
Just got my TV and price match
Just ordered mine today at JL who price matched electrocentre at £1799 with 5 yr warranty and galaxy tab2, can't wait to get it set up.
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