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Samsung 65" S95B QD-OLED 4K Ultra HD Smart TV + Free Q700B Soundbar (worth £699) and 6 Years Warranty (VIP Members) - £1,699 @ Richer Sounds

£1,699£1,87910% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

In addition to my previous deal for the smaller size, you can now get the bigger 65" with a free Q700B Q-Series soundbar from Richer Sounds in addition to 6 years warranty!

Note: To obtain this deal, you need to sign up as a VIP Club Member (free).

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Special VIP Club member offer! Free HWQ700B Dolby Atmos soundbar & subwoofer WORTH £ 699 when you buy this TV. Simply add this TV and the HWQ700B soundbar to your basket and use voucher code VIPQ700B or mention when you call / visit.


Buy this Samsung TV and claim free subscriptions worth over £160, via redemption. This offer includes, three months Apple TV, Spotify, FiiT, Explorers and NextUp Membership plus 5 Rakuten movie rentals. Valid on purchases between 01.09.22 - 30.03.23. Claim by 30.04.23 to redeem your subscriptions. Offers redeemed through Samsung Promotion app on the TV.
To claim and for full T&Cs Click Here


Samsung QE65S95B 65 inch 4K Ultra HDR 1500 Smart QD-OLED TV

Official S95B OLED TV Product Page

Product Details

”We can’t recall seeing a more all-round spectacular combination of brightness, colour volume, sharpness, fluidity and responsiveness. Truly jaw-dropping stuff.” ’What Hi-Fi?’ – 5 Star review.

Samsung OLED Technology. Powered by Quantum Dot
Samsung’s unique OLED Technology, powered by Quantum Dot, produces naturally bright and colourful shades of colour. Their advanced 4K OLED Processor takes ordinary picture and sound and makes them extraordinary. Thanks to self-illuminating pixels you’ll enjoy a more accurate, pure and bright picture. Watch all the things you love in flawless colour. The S95B processor works in tandem with the mighty AI-powered processor to deliver superb contrast and a sharp 4K picture. The result is cinematic picture detail that’ll take your breath away.

Neural Quantum Processor 4K
Samsung’s most advanced 4K processor is busy behind the scenes taking ordinary picture and sound and making them extraordinary. By combining 20 multi-layer neural networks, this Samsung 65 inch TV uses deep learning to analyse images and tailor the restoration of every detail –pixel by pixel–to glorious 4K. From the nightly news to that classic movie, the latest AI-powered processor creates three-dimensional depth that breathes new life into every frame. It automatically adjusts the brightness, amplifies the contrast, enhances objects and cleverly upscales the resolution of whatever you're watching to 4K. Plus, you'll enjoy immersive 3D audio without ever having to miss a sound.

Quantum OLED HDR powered by HDR10+
No more struggling to make out what’s happening on screen. Discover the true beauty of every scene – just as the creators intended. It’s all thanks to remarkable HDR brightness that brings rich blacks, bright lights and deep contrast. And with Adaptive HDR10+, every frame is optimised to perfection, so you can enjoy exceptional detail in every movie.

Ultra Viewing Angle with Anti Reflection Screen
Finally – see every moment from any angle, without the brightness of the sun or the lights in your room getting in the way. Samsung’s critically acclaimed anti-glare* TV screen absorbs reflections, so you can enjoy TV in incredible colour and contrast, day or night. So go ahead, watch the midday match or lose yourself in a midnight movie - without distractions. Whether you’re on the edge of your seat or stretched out on a corner sofa, you'll never miss any of the drama.

Dolby Atmos
Get the front row experience that feels like concert hall acoustics. The S95B provides the ultimate cinematic experience with multi-channel TV speakers so you can feel part of the action with sound coming from all around you and up above. Plus, wirelessly add a Samsung soundbar to the Q95B TV to further enhance sound quality using Wi-Fi, with no need to trailing cables.

Laser-Slim Design
Perfect the minimalist look with a super slim and ultra-stylish TV. From the middle of the sofa to the armchair in the corner, your OLED TV has been delicately crafted to look beautiful from any angle.

Object Tracking Sound
Experience dynamic, lifelike audio that travels around the screen, matching the action. Track every terrifying gasp or hear the roar from the crowd travelling across the pitch with voice tracking which delivers a more realistic human voice. Thanks to six dedicated speakers – including up-firing speakers – built into your TV, you’ll enjoy 3D surround sound that will pull you into every moment - and all without a soundbar.

Smart TV powered by Tizen
With the best-selling Samsung Smart TV* at your fingertips, it’s never been easier to enjoy TV. Set it up in no time with your smartphone. Then you’re only a few clicks away from all your must-see entertainment. Dive into a huge collection of 4K films, TV shows, and all your catch-up TV apps – including Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, NOW TV and BT Sport apps** - all in one place at the touch of a button. Discover Samsung’s easy-to-use and to-customise Smart Hub platform and spend less time searching, more time watching what you love, with tailored recommendations.

*Samsung TV has been ranked No.1 selling TV Brand for 15 consecutive years by Omdia.
**Subscriptions required. Some apps may not be available at launch. 3rd party content providers may remove apps from the Smart TV platform or stop updating them at any time.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo Plus
Get ready to perform at your peak. From those high-octane car races to that thrilling dungeon chase, bring the best out of next-gen graphics on Samsung OLED QD. OLED QD and HDMI 2.1* work in perfect synergy with next-gen consoles to deliver ultra-high 120Hz TV refresh rates and ultra-low input lag. It cuts out the blur between fast-paced images, so you'll experience ultra-smooth, lightning quick, immersive 4K gaming. See epic moments in game-changing detail with four ports.

* Supports 8K 60p as specified in HDMI 2.1

4K AI Upscaling (Multi Intelligence)
Thanks to AI sound, you can listen to everything on your TV like never before. It analyses the acoustics in your room and automatically adapts to any background noise, so you’ll never miss what your favourite characters are saying – even over the hum of the vacuum. Your TV also adjusts the audio depending on what you’re watching. So you’ll really feel as if you’re in the stadium, or hear the action from that movie closing in from all directions.

Enjoy the ultimate picture quality, with the Samsung QE65S95B.

Please note, this Smart TV features third party Apps. These Apps may be modified or withdrawn at any time. There may also be a delay in launching some of the featured Apps. Catch-up TV Apps may vary by region. The function and availability of apps is not covered by the manufacturer’s or Richer Sounds’ guarantee.

Please note: This TV does not feature the Freeview Play catch-up service.

YouTube Review:

Samsung HW-Q700B 3.1.2ch Cinematic Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X

Official HW-Q700B Soundbar Product Page

Product Details

Experience the ultimate 3D sound with the Samsung HW-Q700B.

3.1.2ch sound
The Q700B delivers truly immersive surround sound with the courtesy of market leading technology through multiple, custom designed, built-in speakers. This alongside a bass boosting subwoofer included in the box means you will be encapsulated with pure and precise directional sound.

3D Object Based Sound (Dolby Atmos and DTS:X)
Hear the precise location of a helicopter landing or feel the sound of rain falling from above and surrounding you. The Q700B combines Dolby Atmos and DTS:X with Samsung’s highly awarded market-leading technology to take your audio-visual experience to a breath-taking new level of realism. The sounds of sport, music and everything else comes alive in the 3D space that surrounds you, placing you in the heart of all the action.

Wireless Dolby Atmos
Object-based Dolby Atmos immersive sound plays wirelessly through your Samsung Soundbar. Experience the ultimate 3D sound whether it be movie or music without the need for HDMI cables.

* Wireless Dolby Atmos transmission with 2022 Samsung TVs

Samsung Q-Symphony
Treat your ears to the best surround sound experience for your Samsung TV by adding a Samsung Q-Series soundbar and unlocking Q-Symphony sound. A system that has the ability to work in perfect harmony by synchronising together to play sound simultaneously from both devices. Heighten your viewing experience with the benefit of great sound quality delivered from both the TV speakers and soundbar without any complicated set up. Get the audio experience your Samsung TV deserves, exclusively to Samsung.

Built-in Centre Speaker
Crystal-clear dialogue so you never miss a word. With a dedicated built-in centre speaker, you will be sure to hear every word of the latest news report or action packed thriller. Spend less time rewinding and more time enjoying the movies and shows you love.

Night and Voice Enhancement Mode
Never miss dialogue from your favourite show with voice enhancement mode, which boosts voice audio to make dialogue clearer to hear. Plus with Night mode, never worry about annoying neighbours or sleeping kids - this mode reduces the amount of bass to without impacting sound quality.

Adaptive Sound
Adaptive Sound ensures the content you are watching will always sound its best with each scene optimised by AI Sound. Watching sport, you'll feel as if you're in the stadium, or a movie, you hear the action closing in from all directions. Whether the director’s intent is to make you feel like part of the crowd or if you are required to feel like you are centre stage, the Q700B will be sure to fulfil.

Game Mode Pro
Immerse yourself in an audio sphere that makes you feel a part of the game with a dedicated setting that optimises audio specifically for gaming. Feel the roar of a sports car on the open road or ensure you never miss the small details such as another player creeping up from behind. Configured automatically to support you be the best player you can be so you can claim more glorious victories.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth TV Connection
Connect this wireless soundbar to your TV with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for a cleaner solution with added flexibility. This allows the soundbar to be positioned anywhere without the trailing cables to the TV thanks to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled connectivity. Play music straight from your favourite music apps like Spotify Connect, stream songs via Amazon music, or get additional functionality by using the SmartThings app to integrate sound automation in your smart home.

AirPlay 2
Seamlessly connect your iPhone to listen to your music and more with AirPlay 2. Wirelessly connect to your soundbar with no interruptions. No need for the remote as you can play, pause, increase the volume and much more with one tap in app or on your iPhone's lock screen. Use AirPlay 2 connectivity to play your favourite song in one room whilst streaming a podcast in the next, and if you get a call there is no need to worry about the next track as your friends can simply play their own music mix.

Tap Sound
Transfer your music with one simple tap. Just tap your smartphone anywhere on the Soundbar to hear the rich sound mirrored without any need for manual pairing straight to your soundbar.

*compatible Samsung Galaxy mobile required

Works with Alexa
Simply connect your soundbar to a compatible Alexa device and enjoy your soundbar hands-free using voice control*. Ask Alexa to play something by simply saying the title or a few lines of the song’s lyrics. No matter what kind of music you’re in the mood for, Alexa will find it.

YouTube Review:

Richer Sounds More details at Richer Sounds
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  1. Avatar
    Avoid any TV that doesnt Dolby vision.
    There's negligible differences in most everyday viewing situations tbh.
  2. Avatar
    How is this not hotter?? 65" S95b £200 cheaper than most others, with a 6 year warranty and a Q700 soundbar!!!
    Because it’s a Samsung TV.

    I really don’t know why so many customers put up with them, I can imagine it’s because of some blind brand loyalty where people see the Samsung name so automatically assume they’re a great product.

    Why anyone would buy a TV that is just filled with adverts and bloatware and features that run automatically that you do not want or need is beyond me. The TV Plus service (think that’s the name) that you can no longer disable, that plays automatically, the forced adverts in the menu bar that are no longer removable, it all adds up and then renders the response time of the software to sluggish rates. They’re also glitchy as anything and forget your settings etc with items disappearing or rearranging themselves in the sources list for example.

    I’ve owned three Samsung TVs through the years, one lasted a week before it broke and was sent back. The other two were purchased to be used in the kids’ rooms and only connect up to games consoles so see no other use, but they all suffer from these same problems. It shouldn’t take me the best part of a minute from switching a TV on to start actually being able to use it.

    The hardware may be great, they may make some great panels, but the software and user experience is garbage.
  3. Avatar
    Does anyone got any feedbacks/issues about this company/website, really want to buy this model of Samsung, but scared about guarantee after £5k TV from lg, which stopped working after 3 months, so now will go to court as bought it from small Ltd, which is bankruptcy now
    Would not hesitate to buy from Richer Sounds
  4. Avatar
    I’ve got this tv deal a while back, stunning tv and any issues solved with new updates. Also got LG C2 evo and Samsung beats it hands down. Great tv and soundbar sells for £350 on eBay for those that want to go even cheaper. (edited)
  5. Avatar
    So so expensive, OLED mimic like everything else (edited)
    QD-OLED that's better than WOLED as used by LG etc.
  6. Avatar
    Does this tv let you stream Xbox Game Pass?
  7. Avatar
    Hi all, is this expired now? its now £1,898.95 for when I follow the instructions
    Yes the price went up by £180 ☹️
  8. Avatar
    No Freeview Play
    No Dolby Vision
    Bloated ad-filled Tizen OS

    Too many compromises even at this lower price
    - Don't care
    - Don't care
    - Tizen is fine

    Your "compromises" are other people's non-issues.
  9. Avatar
    Seems like a great deal to me.

  10. Avatar
    No Dolby Vision and the Tizen software is bloated, only things that make me hesitate... Though if prices keep falling, I may well forgive those shortcomings.... Already have the Q700 and it's a fantastic soundbar, far better than the other one bundled in the other S95B deal. Works with the TV via Samsung Symphony.
    Tizen works fine. Dolby Vision isn't a deal breaker at this price.
  11. Avatar
    Is this the best tv tech out now for around the 1k mark?
    No because it's around the 1.7k mark
  12. Avatar
    amex has offer on samsung if you spend 1000 you get 250 back
    Does that work through Samsung EPP?
  13. Avatar
    Is the S95B on that list, couldn't see it?
  14. Avatar
    TCB 5.77%, which is almost £98; I'm not sure if this model is covered, though.
    Only seeing 5.5% and that's as you put of this tv is Included as can't see anywhere it is or not
  15. Avatar
    That soundbar is NOT worth £699.
    What’s it worth?
  16. Avatar
    incredible deal. soundbars are 40% of the experience and tinny tv speakers can never compete
  17. Avatar
    Last year the samungs dropped like hell just before black Friday.
  18. Avatar
    Cracked under pressure, order placed. Interesting to see how this fares against my lgc7. Can anyone advise on a good wall bracket that’s suitable for drywall.
    Do come back with feedback please.

    I also have an LG C7 and was wondering how this one compares with it. (edited)
  19. Avatar
    Insane. If this goes to £1k by black Friday I'm buying.

    Heat added
    No chance of that
  20. Avatar
    Wonder if black Friday will get any better than this!
    With current economic climate being so hostile and pound’s value dipping daily; I don’t think Black Friday will bring any drastic price drops this year (edited)
  21. Avatar
    Wow that’s a decent deal….fingers crossed we should be in for a treat next year with a 77’s hopefully at led prices as the market is crazy atm.
  22. Avatar
    Do you guys think on the employee discounted Samsung site that it will get cheaper than £1599 it's currently at for the 65 inch when black Friday comes?
    It's £1503 on the employee discount site
  23. Avatar
    I already have an LG SL8YG soundbar with surround kit. Is the Q700B any better? I could sell one but which one? (edited)
    Have the same set up and was wondering this aswell,can you even get rear speakers for the Samsung one?iv the lg cx and that soundbar,might upgrade
  24. Avatar
    The 55" can be had for basically £1050 at this point, so I'd be really unsure if paying so much more is worth it/
    It is if you want 65"
  25. Avatar
    I snatched C1 65 inchwr for £ 1250 but if you have lots of daylight this might be a better buy. QD-OLEDs are amazing. I have QD-OLED monitor and it is a gooden.
  26. Avatar
    There is a reason why Samsung are heavily reducing the cost of the S95, it has dropped to half its original cost in less than year! You don’t see the equivalent 2022 models from Sony and LG being discounted in the same manner. It may a cheap deal, but I’d avoid it to save disappointment.
    I'm not sure the pricing strategies of Sony & LG are really an indicator of the quality of this TV. Reviews seem very favourable especially for brightness.
  27. Avatar
    Thanks OP ordered!
  28. Avatar
    Wish they would discount it more without the soundbar
  29. Avatar
    Ordered 4 weeks ago when it was £1,899 for the same deal.
    RS do have a price promise, but it only works for 2 weeks.

    I'm supposing there might be a chance of more drops in 2/3 weeks, and then again a bit later (Black Friday) with it anotheer £100-200 cheaper!

    The display is very good though. UI is sluggish, inconsistent, and has ads - recommend Shield Pro or AppleTV 4k (but I'm yet to buy one, so it's not too bad...).
    Worth contacting richer sounds, you never know
  30. Avatar
    Does the soundbar come with the subwoofer? Also how good is the soundbar?
    Yes. It's £699 on its own so it ought to be bloody good eh.
  31. Avatar
    Any chance of them doing the 55 incher and throwing in a soundbar?
  32. Avatar
    This or the Sony A95k???????
    Depends on who wins the HDR battle
  33. Avatar
    Now £1579 for 65” from Samsung direct with £300 trade in.
    Seems you only get 12 months warranty with Samsung
  34. Avatar
    I am really tempted by this set but put off by the lack of Dolby Vision. Now a quick research online says that it basically doesn't matter. However some comments I've read said that Dolby Vision is important for watching films etc. I currently have a Philips 65OLED705, which has DV and I'm very happy with and can see how good it is with DV content. How would this compare with this as an example? Would this tv still be miles ahead of the Philips I have?
    Phillips is garbage. This is leagues ahead
  35. Avatar
    Thanks op just ordered, seems like a good deal to me
  36. Avatar
    Thanks op. You will get an additional £10 off when register the VIP club.
  37. Avatar
    Thanks OP. I was waiting for the 55 to drop in price but this one now with the free soundbar brings the 65 cheaper than the 55 so it was a no brainer. Thanks so much. (edited)
  38. Avatar
    Price has gone back up. I was on the fence and wasn't sure if it was better to wait for black Friday. Spoke to Samsung this morning, with trade in of my TV which is over 5 years old, they will add another discount to bring the price down to £1421 with 5 year warranty....do I still wait a month...hmmmm
    I missed out this morning too, not been following TVs so not sure if anyone has a opinion on how likely a black Friday deal is? Confused as to whether to wait
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