SAMSUNG 840 EVO - 250 GB - SSD - PixMania £91.50

SAMSUNG 840 EVO - 250 GB - SSD - PixMania £91.50

Found 8th Dec 2014
Lowest price i've seen on the Samsung 840 Evo 250GB SSD! Great upgrade for PS4, Mac, Windows etc...


Really? I bought 3 at £78 three weeks ago and Amazon have them for the same price (I believe pixmania is frowned upon by the masses here, but never used them myself).
CamelCamel show it dropping to £87 regularly.

Not voting as it does seem to be the cheapest at the moment, along with amazon, but not the cheapest it is likely to be soon.

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I bought 2 Crucial SSD's last week whilst they were in stock (£42 for 256gb!) Still a good price but like you say, will be reduced further with the run up to Jan sales

Freezing both price and vendor.

issue is every price of late is compared to black friday, and this is high when compared, but tbh this is a rotten company, use every trick in the book to wriggle out of customer service issues, avoid

Bought this for 73 on black friday!


Bought this for 73 on black friday!

Pixmania .....forget it


Thanks david bent, I thought it was something to be proud of. ^^ Don't worry you'll be happier next year when you catch a few good black friday deals!
Didn't say this deal was cold, just happy I was present on black friday...
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