Samsung 85" Series 9 Ultra High Definition LED TV  "GREAT GIFT" - £34999 @ Selfridges

Samsung 85" Series 9 Ultra High Definition LED TV "GREAT GIFT" - £34999 @ Selfridges

Found 8th Jun 2013
With Fathers day coming up, what more could he possibly want...As Selfridges say "GREAT GIFT " .....a different world....

Samsung's 85" S9 Ultra High Definition LED TV breaks new boundaries in the world of HD TV. With breath-taking picture quality and concert quality audio, the stunning 85" screen and inspired design deliver an unreal, excitingly immersive experience. As for performance, Smart Evolution – technology unique to Samsung – gives you the world's first Future Ready UHD TV.


Ordered! (Not)

that all ....


bought 6, screw you all

Isn't this rrp?

Now if it had a 7" Samsung tab 2 thrown in, then you'd have a deal on your hands!


(sorry, my sarcasm spoiled slightly there by hitting on the cold button by mistake!)

I need to think what I can do with my 65" if I buy this

can see this getting hot for some reason!

Just ordered 4, thanks OP.

Gonna grab a couple of these later, just gonna look for my axe.

Yep sure to be a hit at that price..!!

It says "Great gift" I wish I had friends who would give me this. I would have to take off the angle iron frame though.

A bit small isn't it ..

OOS missed it as well

34 grand and they put it in a road sign frame, cold from me, for the bad design but hot for the deal.

Sending the link to the kids, cant wait!!!!

Wow, what a hot deal. Does it come with a remote and HDMI port?

Any reason why this is about £15000 more expensive than the equivalent from LG and Sony?


heat added simply for comedy value

Anyone got a spare balaclava?

Must be a misprice - I bought 10 and rang them to let them know .......

My Quidco tracked within one hour.

Too small

I already have one of these as it happens and it's the greatest TV I've ever owned. Truth be told, it WOULD make an excellent gift. I honestly don't know what you lot are waffling on about.

Can it be wall-mounted?

More like can your wall be TV mounted.

Damn! It wont let me put 11 or more in my basket. Was happy to let me go to the checkout with £350,000 worth of TVs though.
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I just bought ten what an absolute legend I am. Boooom!!!!

Everytime i order this my card gets declined. 500k limit and i cant even buy this for 35k. Whats the point of credit cards.

Saw one of these in Dubai for 120,000 AED ( £25000) The Sample video didnt look all that, not sure if it was a 4K Sample video running
I'd stick with my 3 year old Panasonic for now


sony 4k tvs are miles better than samsungs, dont even bother here.

£35k for a room divider is a bit dear isn't it?

It's really an 86" screen in looking for...........

Bit too small. Cold.

Why don't they do this model in pink!!!!!!
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