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Posted 20 May 2023

Samsung 870 QVO 8 TB SATA 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (MZ-77Q8T0), Black £398.97 @ Amazon

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Product details
Digital storage capacity8 TB
Hard disk interfaceESATA
Connectivity technologySATA
Hard disk form factor2.5 Inches
Hard disk descriptionSolid State Drive
Sequential Read/Write speeds up to 560/530 MB/s respectively; performance varies based on system hardware configuration
Interface: SATA 6 Gb/s, compatible with SATA 3 Gb/s and SATA 1.5 Gb/s interfaces
Available Capacity: Up to 8 TB
Designed for mainstream PCs and laptops for personal, gaming, and business use
Amazon More details at

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  1. Jamiemcw's avatar
    Got one of these but it's not booting windows after clone. Any ideas?
    brndn's avatar
    What format is the new disk? What happens during boot?

    Use diskpart in cmd to check format (MBR/GPT)


    Ensure your BIOS has this drive selected as primary boot device too, if you haven’t already
  2. fishmaster's avatar
    Normal price for 8TB, so if you want 8TB and don't need NVMe the price is just OK. Not a total rip off but nothing special. Definitely shouldn't be getting excited about this pricing. SSDs are falling in price now and have been at insane rip off pricing for years. I might get a little excited if this was £300 but until then it's just an OK market price.
  3. cannrobe's avatar
    Does anyone know what TBW is on this drive?
  4. KyleKeighley's avatar
    Omg she's so big
  5. The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Still massively overpriced, but if you absolutely must have a single 8TB drive you don't have many other options, even if it is QLC.
    It does at least have DRAM which helps both performance and endurance.
    £350 would be the most this is realistically worth, £300 would be a bargain, but they are hardly going to drop the price when there are so few other options.

    2 x 4TB TLC drives with DRAM will set you back £332 if you don't absolutely need a single 8TB drive. (edited)
    SlightlyFoxed's avatar
    Where are these 4TB TLC drives with DRAM you're referring to?

    I'm willing to bet they're low grade little known units with spotty spec info. (edited)
  6. FireOnAWire's avatar
    In before QLC has the lifespan of a loaf of bread .
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Well, at least the drive has DRAM which does help endurance a little.
    Still hugely overpriced though.
    I'd rather buy 2 x 4TB TLC drives with DRAM for a total of £332.
  7. Marcel's avatar
    Hot 🔥
  8. kristianity77's avatar
    I use this on my ps5 externally for PS4 games. Had it now for over 2 years and still performs like a champ. Not the fastest SSD out there but for PS4 games externally on a ps5, it makes a lot of games load in mere seconds.
    BluesFanUK's avatar
    What are your transfer speeds like moving games between the console and SSD?
  9. nobbynuts's avatar
    200 when?
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    Never, but realistically it should be £350 at the very, very most. £300 would be a decent bragain.
  10. wol101's avatar
    8TB NVME drives are still way too expensive and these are much quicker than spinning disks. They are also great in external USB-C cases since no one seems to be making 8TB ssd external disks. I have several of them and have been very pleased (mine needed a firmware update though - and they have to be on a SATA connection for that). You have to check that your external case will work with 8TB though. I've tried a few that wouldn't.
    PatTheCat's avatar
    Yeah, it's interesting why we never seemed to have passed the 4 to 5 Tb barrier for USB powered smaller portable disks. Get past 5TB and they're all mains powered. Whether it's technical or somehow an economic reason that they aren't being manufactured.. (edited)
  11. robbiewin's avatar
    Nice deal, heat
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