samsung-960-pro-1tb-nvme-pcie - £430.97 Delivered @ BT Shop

samsung-960-pro-1tb-nvme-pcie - £430.97 Delivered @ BT Shop

Found 19th Jul 2017
The 512 model is out of stock but the 1tb appears to be on clearance. Much cheaper than elsewhere from what i can tell.

only 4 available
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still overpriced imo
nvme drives will come down in price again once nand production increases and there's more competition
I'll stick with my 950 pro 512GB I bought for 167 (last year on ebay 20% back promo) for now, but it is filling up quickly!
i dont think you will see the 960 pro lower than this clearance price for a while but it will eventually drop as happens with everything in the electronics space.

the 960 pro is a significant step up from the 950 pro - especially in terms of throttling at peak loads. the 1tb is also faster than the 512…68/

it is a niche product however that is true as not many need the speed or the capacity but i can't see anywhere near this price
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