Samsung 970 Evo 2TB NVME SSD - £387.30 via

Samsung 970 Evo 2TB NVME SSD - £387.30 via

£387.30£434.6011%Amazon Germany Deals
Shipping from GermanyFound 10th Feb
This is not the 970 Evo Plus model, as the 2TB Plus is not due until April. This is the outgoing 970 Evo.

I just got a camelcamelcamel alert that this was at a good price on Amazon UK, so I thought I should point out it's £50 cheaper to buy from Germany, in case someone jumps on the UK price.

In case you weren't aware, there's a new 970 Evo Plus coming in April (smaller capacities already released, and are a fair bit improved over the regular Evo), but I can't wait for then and don't think it'll have much impact as this is already massive overkill for my use in a gaming PC. I saw a £465 price for the new model somewhere, which seems accurate when compared to the released capacities.

Price quoted is what I paid via Revolut Mastercard (make sure you refuse Amazon's currency conversion at checkout - it was going to be £400 total!), including about €5 3-day postage.
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Hmm just bought the 500GB plus for 112£
Can this work with a 2016 12” MacBook?
Rastafari57 s ago

Can this work with a 2016 12” MacBook?

They are not upgradeble
wakkaday3 m ago

They are not upgradeble

I read online that they are.
Rastafari1 h, 5 m ago

Can this work with a 2016 12” MacBook?

The SSD is part of the motherboard, so if they are replaceable it can’t be easy, and it certainly won’t be a full size M.2 like this one I’m afraid.
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Pcie 4 comes this year
So this will be out of date by june
beaumoa22 m ago

Pcie 4 comes this yearSo this will be out of date by june

Like most things. They go out of date. Luckily something like this doesn't stop working when new things are released.
This is the normal price lol
beaumoa1 h, 9 m ago

Pcie 4 comes this yearSo this will be out of date by june

Out of date! It's not fresh fruit so relax dude.
As for PCIe 4.0, even by the start of 2020 there will be only a small minority of desktop systems that support it and possibly no laptops.
Plus expect to pay a large premium for PCIe 4 SSDs when they first emerge for typically even smaller real world gains than with 3.0. About as relevant to many as a 16 core CPU.
sinxa9 h, 55 m ago

This is the normal price lol

No it isn’t. I’m not sure why you would say this.Cheapest recorded on Amazon UK was £426. Cheapest current according to pcpartpicker is £410, and that’s backordered.

It was previously over £500, and I even had a camelcamelcamel notification for it going below £450.
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This is actually a good price if youhappen to need 2tb ssd. I dont think people realise this is much faster than the normal ssd's
Well this sucks. It seems someone has contaminated Amazon's stock with fraudulent product. I've expired the deal to be on the safe side (btw it's now £410 on Amazon UK). Obvs can't be sure all their stock has been stolen / faked, but worth playing it safe if you can't wait around for a replacement (like I can't!).

Please enjoy the schadenfreude

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